Yoga views on E=mc2


Er. A. N. Pandey, M.E.

Spiritual Awareness Program (SAP), Hyderabad

Einstein got E=mc2 by intuition and he integrated three fundamental particles namely proton, neutron and electron in a formula which is universally accepted as quantum law for any scientific development. Similarly, Indian yogi gets the integrated function of three Tattva (Particles) namely Varuna, Aryama and Mitra; which are equivalent to three fundamental particles of Science. This three Tattva (Varuna, Aryama and Mitra) are called ‘Apah’ in Veda and the same are functionally expressed in XIV chapter of Bhagvad Geeta. Some difference exists between scientific expression of E=mc2 and the statement provided in XVI chapter of Bhagvad Geeta. The modern science provides the formula for quantification (For obtaining the number); were as, Bhagvad Geeta provides the detail features of each one while integrating and becoming the cause for creation. The article explains the salient feature between the scientific approach and Vedic approach for fundamental particles. 

  1. Introduction:-

Albert Einstein, in his theory of special relativity, determined that the laws of physics are the same for all non-accelerating observers, and he showed that the speed of light within a vacuum is the same no matter the speed at which an observer travels. As a result, he found that space and time were interwoven into a single continuum known as space-time. Events that occur at the same time for one observer could occur at different times for another. In 1905, Albert Einstein introduced a new framework for all of physics and proposed new concepts of space and time. Einstein then spent 10 years trying to include acceleration in the theory and published his theory of general relativity in 1915. In it, he determined that massive objects cause a distortion in space-time, which is felt as gravity.

The Legacy of E=mc2 can be applied in Scientific processing related to topics like   Big Bang, The tug of gravity, Continuum, Black holes, Supernova, White Dwarf, Electromagnetic Force, and Gravitational waves. The Scientific community is well aware that the Quantum Theory of relativity has wide application in the field connected with starting of creation of Universe for inanimate & animates World. During creation, the different domains (Loka) like physical, cosmic and spiritual domain were established for existing the Planets, Solar System, Galaxy and Stars. In scientific term, the existence of different processing like Bing Bang, Black Hole processing, Collider, Fusion & Fission Energy formation, and balancing the heavenly networking (Energy) and trafficking (Space) of stars, galaxy and solar system were established. Similar kind of yogic approach has been discovered many centuries ago to establish the totality in energy transformation through Kundalini yoga and other principles. Yoga and Meditation can harvest the crop concerned with pure energy through different steps of Aastang Yoga. There, a yogi can attain the zone of intuition.

  • Intuition for scientist and yogi:

Scientist can get the intuition in deep cognition and contemplation. Yogi can also get the deeper zone of intuition with the help of inner yoga (Antarang Yoga). There, a yogi adopts the step by step process of concentration and deep meditation. It is stated that Albert Einstein could get this formula (E=mc2) through intuition. Intuition is a zone or filed where Unknown concepts of creation exists. This (Intuition) can easily be obtained by intellectual, Scientist and Yogi. The understanding of basics fundamental principles and processing of energy and space can be obtained by means of intuition; which Yogi gets easily. This is because; he follows the fundamental approach in meditation. The Scientist can also get the same (Intuition) with deep cognition and contemplation. Einstein was able to establish himself in this zone.

  • Process for obtaining the intuitive knowledge

At the time of going ‘insight’, the mind of intellectual or Scientist has to be concentrated and expanded. Naturally, there cannot be any attachment either to one thing or the other in a person who has the established conviction that the self is the Universal Consciousness and everything is included in it. Though, deep concentration is followed, but activity does not demand the reality of the objects (Consciousness or self) to which it is directed. Einstein would have gone for similar kind of concentration while diving into the unknown reality. The essential factors for any activity are the availability of the means of activity, such as the mind and the senses, and the feeling of reality in regard to external appearances, called objects. Einstein could have achieved the purity of his mind and senses before withdrawing (pratyahara) and making them introvert.

For obtaining unknown knowledge through intuition, there should be primary and secondary means. Primary means is the process of deep meditation and secondary means is the process of deep concentration. In the absence of primary means, Yoga prescribes concentration of mind as secondary means for achieving the zone of intuition; provided the mind and senses are kept pure. The concentration on special concepts is prescribed, by which the fluctuation of the mind is removed and the same enables to reflect Truth. In the spirituality, knowledge or Gyana is prescribed for higher minds with the help of meditation and for the lower ones Yoga is recommended.

  • The Importance of Intuition

Intuition is a field or domain where ‘Unknown of the universe’ is revealed. This field starts whenever universal consciousness (free from human intelligence) is attained. This consciousness is different than the general consciousness prevailing with intelligent people at the awakened state (Jagrut Awastha). Common consciousness exists at centre of eyebrows (the nucleus of human intelligence).Universal Consciousness has to be focussed as a direct action along the lines of Concentration on a single thought. Universal consciousness exists at third ventricle or Bindu Visarga, which is having the possibility of the dispelling of ignorance. General consciousness cannot destroy ignorance, because it does not act to dispel distorted Vritti (Rajasic qualities). The destruction of ignorance is possible only when action is associated with concentration and meditation.

The scientist or intellectual can touch the circumference of intuitive zone by observing the righteous means of living (keeping minimum level of six temperament), learning the subject systematically with complete knowledge of the subject and  loving the work in hand with attitude of ‘work is worship’. Keeping these in mind, intellectual or scientist can concentrate on the subject along with slow breathing (inhalation and exhalation) to move towards the intuitive zone (as shown in image).  This is possible when they are in the range of Alpha or Theta zone of the brain.

It is very interesting to note that the universal Consciousness is not opposed to ignorance. It (Universal Consciousness) denotes the speed of light in vacuum; were as, ignorance would not have consciousness and the same might not be volunteer to expand mentally. But by exploring Ignorance, the universal consciousness can be attained. By the term ignorance, it does not mean that someone is completely vague on the subject. This means that one is unable to lead towards the field or domain of pure universal consciousness.  The intellectual and scientist can overcome this kind of hindrance with help of deep concentration and meditation on single thought. This process (concentration and meditation) will eliminate the fluctuation (vritti) related to hypothesis or thought. In turn, concentration and meditation will eliminate the turbidity (Tamas) and distortion (Rajas) aspects of mind.  Whenever human intelligence is turned into Viveka (special kind of cosmic intelligence), this will lead towards universal consciousness & the same will get opened up. This is also known as removal of ‘Avidya’ in Yoga.

  • How Einstein could explore the Intuition?

Einstein got E=mc2 by ‘Intuition’. Intuition is a field or domain where all ‘unknown’ knowledge is available.  This (intuition) zone consists of complete knowledge of Energy (Networking), Space (Trafficking), & working concepts of primordial matter (Prakriti or Nature). The subjects related to Big-Bang and primordial matter (Prakriti) for creation consisting Proton (Equivalent of Varuna in Veda), Electron (Equivalent of Mitra in veda) and Neutron (Equivalent of Aryama in Veda) are existing in the preview of E=mc2. Those, who could achieve this (intuition) zone with certain specific concentration of mind, can get the solution which will be out of range of logic & systematic hypothesis.  That is what; Einstein got the formula for ‘Theory of Relativity’ in intuition. The same (knowledge obtained in intuition) is beyond logic.

Then, the query arises ‘is it possible to reach the field of intuition’? Yes, the same can be achieved easily if Aastang-yoga, especially inner-yoga (Antarang Yoga) could be followed.  But Albert Einstein never followed the yoga. Then, how could he experience ‘the intuition’? Einstein was a deep thinker of his hypothesis while working on processing of fundamental particles (Proton, Electron & Neutron) in quantum zone. Quantum zone is a domain beyond primordial matter (nature, prakriti). Diving in this zone needs deep kind of concentration (completely free from turbulence or vritti of mind).He would have crossed the point of deep concentration and then by default he would have gone to the zone of meditation. Normally, great thinkers and scientist can reach this (Expansion) zone by the power of deep concentration. We can recall the invention of great Mathematician and Scientist like ‘Archimedes’ during his tenure. The Scientific approach for invention is based on primordial matter (Prakriti or Nature). Because of which, Scientist has many huddles to reach the zone of intuition. However, yogi takes into account the primordial matter along with consciousness and real or self. In this way, yogi follows little different approach to obtain the reality. Inner yoga (Antarang Yoga) is the best possible solution for obtaining intuition; in which, the concentration & meditation is the part for obtaining intuition.

Einstein, while concentrating on his problem on ‘Theory of relativity or Quantum Theory’ could have reached to the very pure Zone related to specific point of concentration; from where the expansion of mind becomes the mind stuff (Chitta). This type of contemplation happens in specific zone obtained by deep cognitive process. This kind of approach can lead to intuition zone by scientist and also by Yogi. Then, another query arises about the concentration of other scientists, who normally go while experimenting or formulating but not getting real intuition. The missing link for them (common scientists) could have been ‘not reaching the specific point of cognation and contemplation’. The hurdle could be overcome by following the process & principle of meditation.

  • Yogic approach

All yogis normally go to the intuition zone and they obtain the knowledge of related specific field for which they meditate.  That is why; we find many Upanishads where a Rishi or Yogi gave their findings in intuitive zone. The above analysis clearly endorses the way Albert Einstein has obtained E=mc2. The utility of E=mc2 of modern science is attained by Yogi while experiencing different laws of creation during meditation. In this way, the legacy of this equation is experienced by yogi during contemplation in space.

For example, yogi transfers matter (gross in form) into subtle matter by means of Bandha, Mudra and Pranayama. Further, the subtle matter is transformed into subtlest matter (Purest form of matter); where yogi uses the concept of E=mc2. In higher plane, yogi turns the subtlest matter into pure form of energy by using Collider (Accelerator) principle by means of meditation.

This equation (E=mc2) is having some missing links like absence of consciousness and transcending approach to reality. In higher zone of meditation, this Lacuna (missing links) are getting corrected to E=mc2; by which yogi experiences the complete form of Reality or Truth. By this way, yogi transmutes ‘Individuality’ (material form) into ‘Universality’.

  • How Intuition help to reveal the Truth (absolute)?

Whenever there is an absence of desire, anger and greed, the mind becomes pure. In the process of elimination, there will be Vritti like self- control and magnanimity, by which there will be happiness on account of the cessation of Rajas and Tamas. This kind of satisfaction (happiness) is obtained because of purity of mind. It is interesting to note that whatever happiness exists in this world is a reflection of Self (Brahman) in the introverted Vritti of the mind. The quarry arises that how to obtain introvert nature of mind so that deeper intuition’s domain could be achieved? It is only when there is a turning back of the Vritti to the Source. The vritti otherwise remains an obstructed revelation of the nature of truth. Generally, the truth, not being an object, cannot be seen through the senses.

It is the Supreme Subject and hence it can be known only in inward intuition. Inward intuition is difficult to obtain even by great thinkers, intellectual and Scientist.  But the same is not impossible. It requires deep cognition and contemplation. Yogi like Patanjali has given the approach in Aastang yoga while describing concentration, Meditation and Samadhi. By the three approaches of Patanjali, Existence, Consciousness and Bliss aspects of truth or Absolute could be achieved in introvert intuition. However, influence of three qualities (Guna) cannot be ignored. If any intellectual or scientist is in grip of tamas (turbidity in mind), he or she will be able to attain the ‘Existence’ aspect of energy or power. Similarly, the intellectual and scientist can also attain existence and consciousness aspects in spiritual domain; provided, they are under the influence of rajas quality (Distorted mind). It is worthwhile to note that when scientist and intellectual are reinforced by Sattva Guna (Transparent Quality of mind), they will enjoy the existence, consciousness and bliss aspects of divinity.

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  1. Respected Pandey ji
    I have gone through your article and you have beautifully explained the co relationship of modern science with the yogic science or Vedic science.You have emphasized the subject more scientifically taking the works of Albert Einstein formula E=mc2 and it is great work you have put forward in you article and established that how or rishis/yogis already explained the so called intuition to get the enlightenment or knowledgeable by removing avidya.You have also explained how a yogi can see the future or past happenings by his deep meditation even the war of Mahabharata can be seen at the present time as time and space are interwoven .The subject you tried to explain the relation is highly appreciated and deep meditation/ concentration is a key to achieve intuition for great jobs and enlightenment for a true practising sattwa guna person.
    Thank you.

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