In 21st century, Yoga is very popular as it makes us doctors without any expanse. Yoga makes us to learn about body & mind with the help of breath. We all have three instruments namely Head, Heart, and Hands to measure health. They need Prana (energy) to get diagnosed for the healthiness. The utility path of Yoga has been developed by spiritual masters. This serves as therapeutic approach for many ailments. For instance, i)pranic healing (using main Prana as curing means) ii) Mudra chikitsa (Using particular type of Prana by adopting certain posture of hands & fingers) iii) Bandha therapy (using Prana in between particular chakras so that pattern of energy flow gets changed) iv) Colour therapy (where Prana & imagination are used to cure the disease) v) sound therapy (when Prana is used at certain frequency of the sound to cure the ailments) vi) Acupressure & Acupuncture (where blockage of nadis is removed to have adequate flow of Prana).


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