My story consisting Health & Fitness, My Interest, My Family, Childhood Memories, Fitness Mantra, Secret to Happiness, Wish list and My Message is published by The story reveals that A 70+ Scientist Promoting Yogic Practices for the Betterment of the Society.



Health & Fitness

My name is Amrendra Narayan Pandey; I am a 72 year old Retired Senior Nuclear Scientist from Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. Currently, I am based in Hyderabad where I am actively running a project called “Spiritual Awareness Programme” (SAP) through which I am creating awareness on yogic practices, its importance in healthy living and its utility to the entire population of the world by exploring the theme of yoga from Ancient Indian Wisdom (AIW). Based on my interest in AIW, spirituality and my background in technology I have developed a spiritual (Vedantic) model in association with Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anushandhana Sansthana (SVYASA), Bangalore for the welfare of the society.

My Interest

I like discussing about topics related to scientific and yogic knowledge with likeminded people. My role models are Swami Vivekananda, Dr. H. R. Nagendra, Swami Maheshananda, Swami Niranjananda, Vedadari Maharishi Ji, Param Hans Yogananda Ji, who have an important role to play in my spiritual growth.

My Family

I was born in an upper middle class family and my parents brought me up with lots of love and care. Their loving and caring nature helped me to grow up as a responsible adult.

I am blessed to have a caring and understanding wife who is very cooperative and is spiritually oriented like me. She is actively working with me towards creating awareness on role of yoga and spirituality in healthy living. We both take yoga and meditation classes for people of all ages.

Childhood Memories

When I was around 7 years old I had a very high fever, my situation deteriorated and later I was declared dead by the doctor. When my body was about to be taken to the cremation ground my maid shouted and informed others that she sensed some pulsation in my body. She experienced this after she started massaging my dead body with warm mustard oil as she got unknown command to do so. After this, doctors were called who confirmed the pulsation in my body and my treatment started. When I gained consciousness I found that I couldn’t see anything and everyone in my surrounding was saying that death would have been better than being alive and blind. However, with God’s grace and my doctor, Dr. Alakhniranjan’s good treatment my eye sight came back after 6-8 months. That was a memorable phase of my life which brought me closer to spirituality. Though, due to this incident I started my formal education late however, I am satisfied with whatever I have achieved professionally so far in my life.

Fitness Mantra

I keep myself fit and active by following a disciplined lifestyle. In the morning, for two hours (6:00-8:00 AM) I do Asana, Pranayama and Cyclic meditation with some likeminded people residing in my same building. After this between 8:00-10:00 AM I do breakfast and other routine work. From 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM I am mostly engaged in discussions and writing work on the subject “Yoga and its Application”. At 1:00 PM I have my lunch and after that I rest for some time. Between 5:30 to 8:30 PM I do satsang and meditation with friends. After this I do some writing and reading work followed by dinner.

Secret to Happiness

Based on my lived experiences I can say that to experience happiness one must be self content, knowledgeable, non-judgemental, and tolerant. He or she must have sense of acceptability of other’s views, always have appreciation for others even for small achievements and must try to inculcate unconditional love as far as possible in life.

According to me happiness can also be measured. The yard stick of happiness is being a good and empathetic listener, enjoying one’s work, being active and creative. By doing all these activities one can keep oneself positive and prevent negativity.


Some of the things on my wish list are as follows:

  • Completion of few books related to modern science and Ancient Indian Wisdom (AIW) on topics related to Brain, Mind, Consciousness and Quantum theory
  • Continuing my quest for spirituality
  • Creating awareness on yogic activities and meditation
  • To propagate the themes of Rishi culture that “Humanity is the religion; the human breath (inhalation and exhalation) should be worshipped with knowledge, and consciousness (the absolute, the truth, the Parmatma or what so ever one believes) is the only God”

My Message

My message to everyone is to live healthy and contribute productively towards the development of the society.

I am leading an active life and contributing towards the welfare of the society by setting up a common platform ( for scientist and spiritual masters where they can work in collaboration to define and understand the concepts and topics related to Consciousness (supreme reality), Yoga and Meditation. This platform is not only beneficial for both the groups in their quest for knowledge but also for the entire society as it is creating awareness on yogic concepts and spiritual well-being.


8 thoughts on ““My Story”

  1. Most respected Pandey Saab,
    This is a fascinating and inspiring story . The episode of what happened to you at the age of seven was not completely known to me, though I knew it partly. The way you have been living after that episode is truly remarkable.
    Having been associated with you as a junior colleague in Kalpakkam and received your guidance at certain crucial moments of my life, I can vouchsafe that I have been immensely benefited by my association with you. Without your guidance, perhaps I may not have come into contact with Vipassana meditation or sVyasa, which have changed my life.
    Having seen you closely for 35 years, I feel you have lived a very purposeful life, in pursuit of knowledge, happiness and realization. More importantly, you have been highly proactive in guiding other seekers like me, either individually or by organizing various satsangs. My latest interaction with you when i visited you at Hyderabad also was highly inspiring. Both me and my wife felt very happy to meet you and Bhabhiji and resolved that we have to keep meeting you as often as possible.
    We pray The Almighty blesses you both with a long, healthy and happy life, so that many more people are benefited by your benevolence.
    satya sai

    1. Pandey ji has been my classmate of engineering (MNR Allahabad) of 1969 batch. We both were very ordinary students. I salute him as he attained so high position in Yoga./spirituality .His memory of childhood ( declaration of him as dead) is one of the rarest. Such a person will attain such a height in Yoga none could have imagined.

      1. Dear Bhai Naipal Ji,
        Thanks for your feeling and appreciation. When divine force works on us, nothing is impossible in this world to achieve. It is also very interesting to note that such kind of divine force is prevailing and available for everyone of us. When we become the favourite of that divine force, the intuition will be the knowledge given by the supreme. You and other friends can easily obtain the same provided if we wish so.
        with kind personal regards,

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