This article describes the scientific aspects of nature (where law of physics holds good), quantum reduction and consciousness in science. They are parallel or similar with nature (Prakriti or God in creation), quantum reduction (Shiva tattva or intelligent aspects of protein polymer) and consciousness (God beyond creation) in spirituality. The explanation is based on the above article received in response of the first link which is given below.

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       The author expresses his thanks to Dr. Gerard Blommestijn for sending his valuable article connected to my research work. It seems he has deep knowledge of scientific approach as well as spiritual approach and he can surely provide a common platform for the scientist and spiritual master to have dialogue on the important subject “Understanding of Consciousness” in a simple way.

Ego and Soul

His observation is very right in connection with “I” which is also termed as ego in general sense. The same (I) works in nature (space, time and causation frame) as particles of neurons. The neurons works as information processor when nuclei present in brain cells in atomic structure releases by dropping the hold of electron. This means between brain cells and neurons there is transformation of atom to molecules (energy particle).

I ness of self (consciousness) and I ness of human ego are the two facets of the same coin. When ego of human being melts away (means there is no ego), the same transformed into soul and further as self or consciousness. That is what Mandala provides when it is evolved.

Brain and Mandala

His perception is very correct on “White stone in the middle of the Mandala” and the same has been expressed by yogi in the field of spirituality that the inner eye (third eye) being the eye of super conscious mind (beyond the realm of the reasoning’s or conscious mind) experiences input to I – ness (self) but it also provides the choices as output from self. The third eye is the essential element in meditation to progress or to get connected with either inner universe (microcosm) or outer universe (macrocosm) where galaxy, planets and stars exist.

Dissolution of ego

John von Neumann (Hungarian-American mathematician, physicist, inventor, computer scientist, and polymath, 1903 – 1957) while talking the abstract ego endorses the concept evolved by the Indian seers or yogis who have provided one of the means to transform the human ego into universal ego by opening the third eye in meditation.

In this connection, it may please be noted that the junction of third eye, which is melting point of human ego and provides the ways to get connected with the planets, stars and galaxy for further exploration of unknown. When third eye is evolved, the nature loses its grip of time, space & causation and the same (third eye) is eternal. The journey towards the consciousness (essence of everything) starts when third eye connects the universe through third ventricle (top back of the head).

Artificial and Cosmic Intelligence

For further clarity between world of the Eternal and Nature, the science has distinguished between eternal zones and changing zone of nature (under the function of time, space and causation) which works under the physical law of science. Indian seers and yogi too has made the same demarcation naming as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cosmic Intelligence (CI). The cosmic intelligence indicates the eternal zone where nature (time, space and causation) ceases.

For this, science has a zone of quantum reduction process in between eternal and physical zone of nature for evolving quantum theory; likewise, the Indian seers have explored a zone of connecting AI and CI. The zone between AI and CI is having essential elements “Shiva Tattva” which is a link for joining them (AI and CI) at fourth (Turiya) in central top zone of the brain in cerebral cortex. It indicates that finding of quantum reduction is parallel or similar to the finding of Indian seers who has given the name as Shiva tattva. As per Indian concept quantum reduction has all the essential features of consciousness but in reflection, not in real form. However, this point is debatable and the same has to be resolved by scientists and spiritual masters together.

Intelligent aspect of protein polymer (Shiva tattva)  

In the field of quantum reduction, it connects the particles and fields in space-time with eternal zone containing quantized, compressed and having atoms of spinning nature. This means the zone of quantum reduction (as per science) and Shiva tattva as per spirituality have transformation of atoms to molecules or vice versa. Perhaps, this function (reduction of atom to molecule) is named as quantum reduction.

The quantum reduction concept endorses the functional aspects of shiva tattva which converts the entire range of nature (Prakriti) to join space (shiva) and to become consciousness or photon (terms used in science).  When merger of space (eternal) or shiva and energy (nature) or Shakti (Prakriti) happens, then the Consciousness or the Absolute is evolved.

In connection with Orch OR theory developed by Roger Penrose and Stuart Hameroff through microtubules is viewed by yogi in meditation too. Yogi takes the final aspects of space (when mind becomes mind stuff) and energy (when it has become the electromagnetic force containing all the lower forces like gravitational, strong and weak nuclear force) as piercing soft needle in the thick grey color brain of cerebral cortex. Which they (yogis) mean the similar approach as defined in Orch OR theory.

The image “New passage in Brain with the help of Energy and Space” describes how the subtle, space, and energy can make a passage like microtubules in thick mass of the brain. This has been explored in verse no. 34 of Samadhi Pada in Patanjali Yoga Sutra. Yogi makes use of the same for higher evolution of Absolute consciousness and also to reach indwelling consciousness (Sakshi chaitanya) which is the domain of pure consciousness (or self).


In Ancient Indian Wisdom (AIW), it is believed that consciousness is the supreme controller of creation but it authorizes nature (Prakriti) to manage the creation with time, space and causation. That is why, the consciousness (the eternal cells) is known as “God beyond creation” and nature is known as “God in creation”. In scientific term, it can be agreed that eternal self or objects are going on adventure in the real world of space and time as Shiva.

While information transfers, the function of protein tubulin comes into picture.  When particles are in movement, the masses are moved by the electromagnetic interactions of the electron clouds in the amino acids of the protein tubulin. This happens while evolving from AI to CI region. The parallel concept of this has been evolved by the science while describing about DNA emergence from the stars along with amino acids.

In scientific approach, the electromagnetic force is obtained from virtual photons; whereas, yoga and meditation make use of uplifting four forces namely gravitational, strong & weak nuclear forces along with electromagnetic force existing in the human system. Yoga terms these forces as Apana Prana, Samana Prana, Udana Prana and Vyana Prana. When these forces are uplifted and transformed into electromagnetic force through yogic practice, the same will lead as an illuminated light which is nothing but photon being free from time and space. The image briefly describes the function of photon in Anandmaya Kosha which is pre to quantum zone.


The evolution from nature has to have vertical pull through quantum reduction to overcome the functional boundary of time, space and causation. This can be achieved through meditation by activating the brain neurons by means of subtle energy and space as explained earlier. This aspect is similar or parallel to the approaches followed in microtubules which are intelligent protein polymer connectivity between cells and neurons.

The image describes the connectivity of brain neurons to the cosmic body through meditation; where yogis evolve to the state where Neurons of the brain cells get connected with the hundred billion stars.  When hundred billion neurons of Brain are connected with hundred billion star of Galaxy, then the cosmic consciousness is said to be expressed.

The science talks about the manifestation of photons through reduction process whereas spirituality or yoga talks about evolution process by which photon could be understood and the same resembles with consciousness.

Explanation on Appendix

Rig Veda reference given in Appendix I clearly indicates that universe in macrocosm consists of Akasha (the space like sky) and prana (the sum total of energy existing in the universe). Both (Akasha and Prana) together creates the objects, planets, stars and galaxy. Before creation, the object, the particle, the time and space did not exist. The same is true in another galaxy.

The Mandala comparison in Veda resembles with the constituents of human brain. For instance, white head of Mandala consisting platonic substance and other imaginary concept are the same as corpus callosum (white matter of the brain) and grey thick mass of cerebral cortex exist in the brain. The science is trying to analyze the manifestation of photon existing in super conscious domain known as indwelling consciousness in Yoga and Vedanta. Whitestone of the Mandala resembles with the existence of pure photon in consciousness.

In meditation, the integration of white hole (third ventricle at top back of the head) along with black hole starts producing axion which is the main source of photon. The same can be accelerated through deep meditation.

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