Science explores the functional aspects of Nature (Prakriti) with the help of external laboratory; whereas Yoga explores the functional aspects of Nature (Prakriti) inside Human being. The comparison between scientific approach and findings of yogic approach has to be explored for the benefit of both (Scientist and Spiritual master) as they are trying to explore “The Real or The Absolute” in universe by one taking the external nature prevailing in the universe and another taking the Human nature prevailing inside human system.

      In this connection, the facts like “What is Real in Science and Yoga?”; “what are the Parallel in Science and Yoga?” and “what are the achievements in Science and Yoga?” are to be brought for diving deep in respective subjects while discovering the unknown. Analysis shows that Electrons are involved in many applications such as electronics, welding, cathode ray tubes, electron microscopes, radiation therapy, lasers, gaseous ionization detectors and particle accelerators. Likewise, other fundamental particles are also used in day-to-day life directly or indirectly but not known to the common mass. Similar kind of hidden knowledge related to these fundamental particles is available in Veda, Upanishad and Bhagvad Gita; which are also not know to the common mass. Yoga helps to reveal the same.

      In the field of Yoga, the advantage of Pranayama and meditation to achieve “intuitive capability” as an added means to many Researchers (Scientists and Yogi).The research fields in Yoga are i) Health ii) Core management iii) What Yoga does to keep us in Present iv) Supramental Approach to unknown. The common platform will help to discuss, review and make a new hypothesis based on the knowledge derived in science and spirituality (Yoga). The Highest advantage of meditation is “Intuition capability”; which certainly helps in “Discovery” of “unknown” or mystery of the universe. The concentration, which scientist are able to do to the extent possible, the same will help to blossom them (scientist) to achieve “Inspirational Dimensions”, which are helpful to “investigate” the hidden aspects of universe.

      The research fields are many but let us concentrate on certain fields namely i) PYTHAGOREAN THEOREM ii) Newton’s Theory iii) Differential calculus (Maxwell’s) iv) Thermodynamics v) Schrodinger’s concept vi) Information theory vii) Einstein’s Theory or Quantum theory viii) Radio activities. Likewise, there are many theories or concepts mentioned in Veda, Upanishad, and Bhagvad Gita and even in Hanuman Chalisa; which are equivalent or parallel to the concepts established by Scientists (mentioned above).

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