2. Yoga – A solution to manage Post Nuclear Leakage Crisis; published by Swami Vivekananda Yoga Prakashana, Bengaluru – 2013

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 The nuclear crisis happened at Fukushima (Japan) because of Tsunami and earthquake, forced the thinker to find the solution (if any) to tackle such kind of eventuality. The nuclear crisis can’t be totally eliminated as many countries in the world have nuclear installations and nuclear armaments. They are Prone to face nuclear crisis once in blue moon (though we don’t wish) as natural calamities are beyond Human control. The question may be put up weather we have to live with this kind of Crisis or any solutions can be explored?

Luckily, Yoga seems to be a solution to manage this kind of Crisis by elaborating the Yogic concept (work as preparedness) even after the mishap. An attempt has been made to prepare a book entitled ‘APPLICATION OF YOGA DURING NUCLEAR CRISIS’.

The book elaborates about the radiation effect during crisis, how yoga is scientific and the utility of yoga to minimize the effect of radiation during and after the crisis. The book exhibits the authentic approach of Yoga to manage the Post Nuclear Leakage Crisis. The book also provides the methodology for rehabilitation after disaster management (due to nuclear crisis).The book consists of pictorial view of certain themes of Yogic concepts, which provide the clarity in the minds of the reader in nutshell.