7.How Yoga Works?

Yoga day is being celebrated all over the world on 21st June every year. The article on “How Yoga works?” reveals many answers of related queries. A humble attempt is made to explore the detailed aspects of “How yoga works?” in our day to day activity.

Before going in depth of Yogic techniques, let us understand the queries like 1. If yoga is not performed, what are the consequences? 2. Why yoga works for keeping better health? 3. When yoga works at Root level? 4. What yoga does for molecular exchange? 5. What way yoga works as complementary to medical system? 6. What changes Yoga brings in body and mind? 7. Whether yoga and athletic games are same? 8. What is the secret for success? and 9. What are the advantages by adopting yoga? The analysis will provide satisfactory answer for the common people before inculcating yoga in day to day life pattern.

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6.Need of common platform for revealing the eight achievements of Science related to spiritual domain, especially in meditation

Science explores the functional aspects of Nature (Prakriti) with the help of external laboratory; whereas Yoga explores the functional aspects of Nature (Prakriti) inside Human being. The comparison between scientific approach and findings of yogic approach has to be explored for the benefit of both (Scientist and Spiritual master) as they are trying to explore “The Real or The Absolute” in universe by one taking the external nature prevailing in the universe and another taking the Human nature prevailing inside human system.

The research fields are many but let us concentrate on certain fields namely i) PYTHAGOREAN THEOREM ii) Newton’s Theory iii) Differential calculus (Maxwell’s) iv) Thermodynamics v) Schrodinger’s concept vi) Information theory vii) Einstein’s Theory or Quantum theory viii) Radio activities. Likewise, there are many theories or concepts mentioned in Veda, Upanishad, and Bhagvad Gita and even in Hanuman Chalisa; which are equivalent or parallel to the concepts established by Scientists (mentioned above).

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5. Bhagvan Parashu Ram incarnated for establishment of Dharma

Incarnation of God (Parmatma) takes place whenever there is Adharma (unrighteousness). The book explains the related facts of Dharma and Adharma and how Bhagvan Parashu Ram established dharma in His sixth incarnation. The Incarnation of God (Parmatma) seems to be unusual because God (Parmatma) keeps himself separate from the action of creation. That is why; He is known as “God beyond creation”. Adharma (unrighteousness) can be defined as imbalance of energy (Prakriti, Shakti, Maya) and space (Purusha, Shiva, Brahm) in scientific term. To correct the Unrighteousness action (Adharma) of individual, the factors like “Purushartha” (Asset) has to be explored. Bhagwan Parashu Ram has shown the methodology to correct the Unrighteousness (Adharma) of an individual by analyzing Purushartha. The Purushartha (asset) of a man is having four limbs namely 1) Artha (Means) ii) Kama (desire) iii) Dharma (righteousness) and iv) Moksha (freedom from life and death).

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4. Ram Rajya is Bhagwan Parashu Ram’s contribution to achieve world peace

Ram Rajya was ruled by Sri Rama but the actual foundation of the same was paved by Bhagvan Parashu Rama who is the sixth avatar (Incarnation) of Sanatan Dharma. He established Dharma (righteousness) which in turn, was the favorable condition for establishment of a popular kingdom, later on known as a Ram Rajya. The prevailing condition of Ram Rajya got lost due to many hidden factors. Present day there is dilemma whether Ram Raya could be re established? To understand the favorable conditions of Ram Rajya, the present day scenario have to be reviewed.

          The call of the world needs “Sustainable peace” in all rounds, especially in the scenario of “Networking” & “Trafficking”. These (Networking & Trafficking) are the parts of Energy & Space. This means that Energy & Space of individual, society, country & the world are to be well balanced to meet the smooth function of computed universe including worldwide human transactions.

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3. Utility of Soul for development of Vibrant Society

(An Innovative Yogic Approach)

Most of us have wrong information that soul is used for evolution from worldly field to spiritual field.  It is true but it has to be understood that soul is very useful to achieve the vibrant society and also to maintain the world peace if understood properly. Soul is recognized by all the religions mainly Hindu, Christianity and Islam.  In Hinduism, soul is understood by Atman or Jivatma; Christianity recognizes the same as soul and Islam terms this as “Rooh”. The book briefly describes that how soul is a helping hand to achieve dynamic and hassle free society in order to achieve vibrant world.  

      The book consists of six chapters namely i) introduction ii) utility of soul in vibrant and peaceful society iii) soul and mind iv) soul and ego  v) understanding of soul from atma bodha and vi) success through soul. There are 35 prominent images describing the theme of the relevant subjects. The features of subject like a) Latent power (soul) exist in spinal cord b) Why evolved soul is needed in a society? c) Who is our real friend in materialistic life? d) How application of realized soul (divinity) is needed in day to day life? e) Three basic elements for human creation f) Basic Building Block for nuclear structure and Jivatma and g) Self Dedication (Balanced Ego and EQ) enhance the wisdom of sharing with others.

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2.Women Power Needed For Vibrant Society and World

(A Scientific & Yogic Perspective)

The book consists of nine chapters discussing eye catching subjects by providing 49 relevant images. Women (including young girls) occupy 50% of the population. Their growth in all respects is essential to obtain vibrant world. Women’s constituents are different in the domain of physical construction and mental development. They possess specific diseases including Insomnia and depression.

      Immune system in women gets affected because of various reasons including effect of oxidative stress which reduces the level of anti oxidants and glutathione. Human system consists of anatomy, physiology and neuro domain. The anatomy cannot be changed; however, the property of physical and neuro domain can be reorganized or reoriented or even transformed by yogic practice.

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1. Boons and Banes of Kriya Yoga

Kriya yoga bestows tremendous power to the followers. It provides the power for improving the digestive system. It also cures all kinds of chronic diseases including tuberculosis, leprosy, fistula, indigestion, tumor and cancer. In addition it takes human mind in the dimension of subconscious and unconscious domains by unveiling the layers of ignorance and rigidity.

      The boon bestows the power for evolving the hidden capability in personality and professional ability development. The purpose and principles of Kriya yoga shows its tremendous boons; at the same time, the mistakes committed during steps indicate the cropping of defects in the fields of digestive system, excretory system and reproductive system.

      This book is an eye opener to all the Sadhakas of Kriya Yoga. This provides the inbuilt corrective approach in the minds of Sadhaka, whether the method adopted in Kriya Yoga is fully correct or any mistakes is being carried out? This book also brings mile stone or yard stick to the seeker by cropping its results in terms of benefits. This book works like an alarming bell against its caution or warning provided in MN -70 of Yoga Chudamani Upanishad. To gain the maximum benefits of Kriya Yoga, the book is placed before the reader without having any likes and Dislikes against any cult or master of Kriya Yoga. The book consists of 36 images which describe the theme of each topic in brief for the better clarity of the reader. Importance of Kriya yoga for the scientists is the main attraction of the book.

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