Hanuman Chalisa Sab Ke Liye (In Hindi)

Why Hanuman Chalisa for every one? How the same is used for personality development, profession ability development and achieving the vibrant characteristics of an individual?  Whether this book will be useful for student, youth, senior citizen, management people, politician, scientist, trader, achieving good health in general and useful for yogi like Karma Yogi, Gyana Yogi, Bhakti Yogi and Raj Yogi? All these queries are answered in the book written by A.N.Pandey, Director, Spiritual Awareness Program (SAP), Hyderabad (India) under the guidance of Dr. H.R. Nagendra, Chancellor, S-VYASA, first world class yoga university in Bengaluru (India).

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Book of Hanuman Chalisa Sab Ke Liye (In Hindi)


Boons and Banes of Kriya Yoga

Kriya yoga bestows tremendous power to the followers. It provides the power for improving the digestive system. It also cures all kinds of chronic diseases including tuberculosis, leprosy, fistula, indigestion, tumor and cancer. In addition it takes human mind in the dimension of subconscious and unconscious domains by unveiling the layers of ignorance and rigidity.

      The boon bestows the power for evolving the hidden capability in personality and professional ability development. The purpose and principles of Kriya yoga shows its tremendous boons; at the same time, the mistakes committed during steps indicate the cropping of defects in the fields of digestive system, excretory system and reproductive system.

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