Hanuman Chalisa Reveals the limitation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Midst of Cosmic intelligence (CI)


Prof. A N Pandey (www.yogicconcepts.in)

Artificial Intelligence and Cosmic Intelligence are widely used in Science as well as Spirituality. In Science, AI has discovered the classical theory and because of CI, the Quantum theory is evolved. In Spiritual world, AI is covered till we are under the grip of Prakriti or Shakti (energy); whereas, CI is achieved when we experience the functional aspects of Soul. The common platform for Science and Spirituality can be build by understanding mind (CI) or Prana or Energy (AI). This is because, both Science and Spirituality has the basic approach of Space (United of Mind) and energy (Prana or Unification of prevailing forces in the Universe). The forces in the universe are Gravitational, strong nuclear, weak nuclear and Electro-magnetic forces. The combined function of these two (energy and space) can lead to root (God or Parmatma).   In Lay man’s language, let us discuss the functional aspects of AI and CI in brief.

  1. What is AI –

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used in many places in science and networking specially, in information technology and in management scenario. In spiritual world, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is getting expanded so that the mind loses its existence and the same becomes the mind stuff (Chitta). This means that when the mind is pure (free from any Vritti or fluctuation) and is grown and expanded completely by losing its identity and becomes mind stuff, the cosmic intelligence (CI) takes the charge.  Similar kind of scenario if obtained in Day-to-day life, there will be great changes in information technology and some of the mystery of the universe will be revealed while processing the IT concept.

In management and networking, the planning or processing of the concept in hand along with available organizing domain could be related to hardware system and proper leading or directing the same with controlling factor could be termed along with software scenario. This reveals that the networking is carried out with the available energy at the same time trafficking of the same can be achieved with the help of existing space. Now, the question arises “Whether an individual can   understands the utility of AI with its limitation at the same time the coverage of cosmic intelligence (CI) could also be understood?”. The answer seems to be affirmative.  In case of complex problem in Science, management, networking and trafficking and in the domain of spiritual field, the understanding of CI is quiet helpful as an umbrella for AI.

The image “Scientific endorsement of limitation of Mind” briefly describes the limitation of Mind. There are many scientists who are now convinced that the newer concept of physics imply that human mind is an independent, irreducible (which cannot be reduced) agent and source of action.

This is because, it (mind) has the power to make choices and exert free will. The views of the scientist endorse the presumptions used by the spiritual masters while exploring the concept of consciousness. Spiritual masters are using mind (Mana) as Jada (not Chaitanya). This means that mind cannot be minimized or reduced or eliminated. The only way left over is to expand the mind as large as Chitta (the mind stuff of inner instrument) free from any Vritti (fluctuation).

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be Planned by Great power like Ravana

Since manifestation of Human race, the great power has extended CI for managing and showing the might.  This is clear to get the life (Prana) of Laxmana revived by getting Sajeevan Butti (Prana or energy Tattva of God) at the time of war in Lanka between Lord Rama and Ravana. The image briefly describes the theme of verse number 11 and 12 of Hanuman Chalisa.

For instance, the great power like ‘Ravana’ has shown its might to make Laxmana breathless or senseless at the time of war between Rama and Ravana. However, the cosmic intelligence acted in the minds of Vaidya reveals the solution to come out from this complexity.  Accordingly, Sri Hanuman ji flew and brought the Sajeevan Butti for the revival of Laxmana’s Prana. The image describes the verse used in hanuman Chalisa while bringing the Sajeevan Butti.

It is interesting to note that when Hanuman Ji went to Himalaya to bring the Sajeevan Butti, he saw all the medicinal plant was emitting the light (a sign of Sajeevan Butti). Hanuman Ji was in confusion to take the specific Sajeevan Butti directed to Vaidya. This kind of scenario (light coming out from all the plant) was organized by Artificial intelligence (AI), might be planned and directed by Asura, but the same was overcome with the help of cosmic intelligence (CI) existed in Hanuman Ji.

2.1 Revival of Prana in Hanuman Chalisa

In normal person, the energy (Prana) and mind (mana) remain at the lower level of the body; mostly below the navel (Manipura Chakra).  When the prana is made ineffective or losing complete sense the individual is as good as dead.

This kind of scenario happened with Laxmana while the war between Sri Rama and Ravana. The revival of Laxmana’s Prana was carried out at that time and the same is described in hanuman Chalisa. The image briefly describes the “Revival of Prana in Hanuman Chalisa”.


Prana (Energy) comes to play when adjustment of Prarabdha Karma (consisting chromosome and gene of parent) is destined; which creates the sheath for Soul to provide its shadow. The shadow of the soul (Prana) can be energized and uplifted with the help of Yogic practice. When the function of Prana is brought below the Swadisthana, one becomes almost dead (as happened to Laxmana). The Sajeevan brought by Hanuman Ji revived the Prana to function in natural way.

2.2 How Artificial Intelligence can be over powered by Prakriti (Nature)?

There are many examples, since creation started, which reveal that Cosmic Intelligence limits the power of Artificial intelligence created by man having the great power of Mind. In this connection, let us analyze the proverb. The proverb says that ‘Man proposes and God disposes’. This reveals that man can act at any proposal by his Artificial Intelligence whereas Prakriti (under the command of God) can dispose under the cosmic intelligence (CI). It is interesting to note that scenario created by Prakriti or Nature at the time of exit of Sri Dalai lama from Tibet was a unique one. The Artificial Intelligence planned and organized by the government of China keeping tight infantry surveillance along with air surveillance got failed at one stroke when the great storm (Hurricane) created by the nature. The nature had regulated in such a way that all manmade arrangement (Artificial Intelligence) got failed.

3. How to strengthen AI

Whether AI could be strengthened for the utility of mankind? Yes, like Sri Hanuman ji did while crossing the sea. It is interesting to note that the inner strength (Bala) if raised in pure form, the same could be utilized to evolve the hidden divinity. The similar kind of scenario was created by Sri Jamvant to evolve the hidden potential of Sri Hanuman ji.

When Jamvant reminded Sri Hanuman Ji about hidden strength (Bala) within him, he got encouraged to make a plan for going to Lanka. He flew a long distance from Kishkindha to bank of Lanka by the grace of Prakriti (nature). It is realized that the nature becomes the helping hands to those who are on the paths of righteous (Dharmic) work

This clarifies that Prakriti or Nature can extend the helping hand to the divine people like hanuman Ji for carrying out the extra ordinary work.  The image “Prakriti helped Hanuman Ji to cross Sea” briefly describes the helping hand of nature (Prakriti) extended to Sri Hanuman ji. It may please be noted that Sri Hanuman Ji is a great Yogi as described in hanuman Chalisa. Because of his Yogic strength, he could achieve the difficult tasks or works miraculously. He has all the divine qualities; which he had obtained from Lord Sri Rama


4. Primordial nature makes AI ineffective

It is well known fact that primordial nature (Adi Prakriti) makes AI ineffective for those who achieve the divine qualities (Daivik Guna). For example, hanuman ji and other Divine personalities could achieve the extraordinary quality from Prakriti or Nature.


Five verses of hanuman Chalisa vide its verses no. 11-15 indicate the helping hand created by the primordial nature for blessing Hanuman ji because of his righteous work in favour of great soul (Jivatma) like Laxmana. Scriptures also states that the righteous work like saving the life (Prana of any one) is categorized a very pious work. The image “The Verses of hanuman Chalisa reveals the magnanimity of nature”  briefly describes the helping hand of nature for the divine personality like Hanuman ji where every elements (Deva) of powerful nature (Prakriti) witnesses the scenario of meeting (Milan) between God (Parmatma) and Hanuman Ji (Shiva Tattva).

4.1 When inner core or nature is getting pleased?

Primordial nature (Adi Prakriti) is the inner core and the same gets pleased for the personality who are possessing divine quality and the same is explained in the verse of Hanuman Chalisa. The verse shows that how the power of nature becomes helping hand to divine     personality like Hanuman Ji. Nature is creating an environment by providing the blessing of Lord Rama and other Gods lords Narada, Kubera, Yama, Digpal etc to Hanuman ji. At that moment, Rama had embraced him and gave his power to Hanuman ji (while embracing). Other Gods existing in Nature have also blessed hanuman ji for his Nobel cause for bringing Sajeevan Butti.

The verse explained that the magnanimity of nature (Prakriti) is available for those who are possessing divine quality.  There are many instances when nature had extended helping hands at the time of difficult situations like i. Incarnation of birth of Lord Krishna ii. Crucification of Jesus Christ and iii. Spreading of Islam by Prophet Mohammed. They have been described by placing the respective image.

     i. Incarnation of birth of Lord Krishna

The image explains the helping hands of Prakriti (Nature) in brief. The scripture describes the miracles of nature at the time of Lord Krishna’s birth.

It is believed that just after birth of Sri Krishna, nature (Prakriti) was very kind to open the doors of Jail and made the soldiers to be in deep sleep. Almighty has given the intuition to Vasudeva for further plan. Nature (Prakriti) is the manager of Supreme reality (Param Brahm) to break the worldly laws and also to impose the wish of the supreme.

     ii. Crucification of Jesus Christ

In Christianity, when Jesus Christ was crucified, he had shown no sign of grief as the helping hand of Nature has taken away the sign of pain by making Jesus Christ free from body consciousness.

The image briefly describes that when Jesus was on Cross, Prakriti or Nature helped him not to have the feeling of any pain due to piercing thrust of the nail in the muscles of the body. Jesus was self realised (free from body consciousness). In addition, Nature has given the strength not to feel any kind of pain or misery.

     iii. Spreading of Islam by Prophet Mohammed

The history reveals that the temperature of Saudi Arabia was very high because of hot sun on top and hot sand on the ground. When Prophet Mohammed was spreading the message, the Prakriti or nature had made an arrangement of cloudy atmosphere which worked as an umbrella for Prophet Mohammed while spreading the message of Islam in desert places of west Asia.

The image briefly describes that when Mohammed Prophet was travelling in Saudi Arabia, the nature (Prakriti) used to provide natural cloud as an Umbrella to make his journey comfortable. This shows that nature is always helpful for the noble cause in respect of balancing the universal law (Dharma).


5. How to grow divinity like Hanuman ji

Divine quality (Daivik Gun) can be achieved with the help of Karma yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Gyan Yoga and Raj Yoga. The Astang Yoga consisting Bahirang and Antarang Yoga helps to evolve the divine quality. Among the two, Bahirang Yoga mainly consisting Asana, Pranayama and Pratyahara are essential for achieving purity and awareness of energy (Prana) and space (mind); Whereas, Antarang Yoga provides the depth in achieving the Divine quality in a very systematic way. It may please be noted that does (Niyama) and don’ts (Yama) are to be observed for the smooth sailing of life along with Yogic practice.


6. Why we are not Divine?

In Gita, Lord Krishna states vide verse number 9 under chapter 15 that Jivatma (Soul of Human being) works under the influence of mind (one of the elements of inner instrument Antah karna) through five knowledge senses (Gyana Indriyas) like ear, eye, tongue, skin, nose. As Human mind is weak, the Jivatma works under the grief of lower energy (Prana) and Space (Mind). Because of which, we are not able to achieve the divinity.

Verse number 9 (chapter 15 of Gita) states that the soul (Givatma)  enjoys the objects or matter (Vishay ) of the universe under the influence of mind (mostly weak mind) through the sense organs for which five kinds of Prana (Energy) are working. Because of which, Human beings are lagging in divinity Lord Krishna provides the solution by which a man can be divine. He states elsewhere that the mind has to be made free from fluctuation (Vritti) and subtle so that both, the mind and Prana or Energy are equal; then there will be formation of wave by equalizing them. At that moment, Human beings are tuned to be divine

Alternately, when Jivatma works under higher mind (free from Tamas nature) and remains in Sattva nature, we can achieve the quality of being divine. The query arises whether the same could be achieved? Yes, by adopting some of the Yogic practices.


7. Utility of Hanuman Chalisa in the field of Science, IT and Management

There is a common perception that the divinity has to be achieved by Scientist, IT and Management peoples is a big hurdle.  The recitation of hanuman Chalisa like Pranayama and Meditation on the same can yield the desire result.  In addition, by adopting certain yogic practices, the same (divinity) can be achieved easily.  The mile stone of achieving divinity can be examined with the help of flow of breath through both the nostrils. If flow of breath in both the nostrils is equal and long, the individual is in the arena of divinity. There are certain methods of Pranayama and other yogic practices like meditation which can be practiced for achieving the divine quality. In addition, there are certain steps given in the book and same can be practiced. The book “Hanuman Chalisa Sab Ke Liye” in Hindi; which can be downloaded from link: http://www.yogicconcepts.in/hanuman-chalisa-book-online/

When Individual achieves divinity his or her Artificial Intelligence will be strengthen by the Cosmic Intelligence and very effective results can be explored in the field of Science, IT and Management.


8. Intellect works till logic stands but soul works beyond

Intellect and the soul provide the demarcation for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cosmic Intelligence (CI).The question arises “What are the relation between feeling, intellect and Mind? Felling is equally conditioned, as much as the intellect and the mind. It is no less conditioned. Our whole vision of things is conditioned in a particular manner by space and time. We cannot get over this conditioning. But the intellect will help us finally in knowing its own limitations. That is, when we know our own limitations, we have automatically outgrown our limitations. The feeling, mind and intellect are the ingredients of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

When we know the limitation, we can go up higher and further to this level, and we have to some extent known what is above us. When we know the limit of a thing, we also have an idea of what is outside that limit. So when our intellect has reached its farther limits of logic and understanding, we would get a flash from the higher level. And then the soul acts and the intellect stops. During this scenario (Action of soul), the creativity and intuitive aspects arise as a flash. This Quantum jump from intellect to soul (Atma Level) is Cosmic Intelligence (CI).

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  1. Namaste Respected Pandae saab
    Your views are excellent. Particularly iam impressed with your view in your last point i.e eighth point wherein you mentioned ” when we know our own limitations, we have automatically outgrown our limitations . “. It is like to know at what level you are or what you are either at physical level, lower mind level and heigher mind level and go beyond those limitations &there by gain maximum benifits of being spiritual
    Once again i thank you for your beneficial articles which are helping me to improve my knowledge.

    1. Dear Shri Madhusudan Rao Saheb,

      Thanks for your deep interest in the subject related to Artificial Intelligence and Cosmic Intelligence. Most of us are in physical level (in subtle body but not in gross body) when our Prana (energy) and Mind (Space) are in subconscious mind stage, we are certainly grown in the span of artificial intelligence. That is what we can easily achieve in initial stage of meditation. To grow beyond certain stage of Artificial Intelligence, we have to take the help of Prakriti (Nature) which is the point available at Agna Chakra in our brain. At higher stage of this chakra, the Prakriti (Nature) helps individual to put a limit to the Artificial Intelligence shown by others or associates. That is what elevated people like Dalai Lama and other great personalities have achieved in past.

      My illustration related to Prophet Mohammed, Jesus Christ and Lord Krishna may look like a story but during our time the incidence happened with Dalai Lama clearly reveals that Artificial Intelligence can be overcome by taking the help of Prakriti or Nature if we are eligible to achieve the same. The great personality like Dalai Lama is always in the domain of cosmic intelligence. Hence, it is easy for them to get the kindness of nature (Prakriti) for overcoming the artificial intelligence designed by associates like Governing body or ruler (like Ravana who designed an incidence for Lakshmana, and Shri Hanuman Ji brought Sanjeevani Garden to overcome the incidence). I hope that this explanation will clarify your intelligent query.

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    1. Dear Bhai Ranvir Singh,
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  4. I really do take into consideration each of the methods you might have launched on the article. These are extremely persuasive and will undoubtedly work Artificial Eye India. Nonetheless, the actual blogposts are extremely short for beginners. May you desire expand these people a bit via up coming occasion? Wanted article.

    1. Hello! Thanks for your interest on Artificial Intelligence which you have correlated to your Artificial Eye India in a very lucid way. This shows your visionary capability and certainly you will be making use of the same in all walks of life including spirituality. If you are interested, you may visit my website http://www.yogicconcepts.in where you will find few articles on Hanuman Chalisa. There is a book published on “Hanuman Chalisa Sab Ke Liye in Hindi” which can be free downloaded from my website. on this (SAP) research foundation, we are interested to explore the hidden potential available in science, yoga, spirituality, and Hanuman chalisa. You may join us as a research scholar if you wish so.


  5. Hey. I found your blog using msn. That is the pretty perfectly written write-up. We are bound to bookmark it are available returning to read more of the strategies. Many thanks for the actual submit. I most certainly will absolutely recovery. Hey. I found your blog using msn. That is the pretty perfectly written write-up. We are bound to bookmark it are available returning to read more of the strategies. Many thanks for the actual submit. I most certainly will absolutely recovery.

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    1. Thanks for your appreciation. Hanuman Ji is the monkey god and well known Yogi in Asian continent. By following his works, we elevate the divinity within individuals. In future, you will get more article on Hanuman Chalisa through my web.
      A N Pandey

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