Scientists are trying to find the “truth” by means of quantum theory functioning externally; whereas spiritual masters are getting the “truth” internally with the help of yogic and other practices especially, by meditation. If we look the discovery of scientists, we find many parallel approaches or similarity with the approach and concept adopted by spiritual masters. Author has attempted to compare some of the scientific findings with the spiritual master’s results. In this connection, attempts are being made to find the nearness of science and spirituality in the field of brain, mind, quantum theory, consciousness, protoplasm and universe. In first attempt, we are going to analyze the parallel or similar approaches of science in case of human brain.  

1.0 Evolution of Brain

      Let us take the case of human brain where the results obtained by scientists and spiritual masters are parallel. When we analyze the topic “Evolution of Brain”, we find that the topics like i) Natural process of Human evolution, ii) Neurobiologist view on evolution of brain, and iii) Exponential growth of human brain viewed by scientist are of prime important and the results obtained by the scientists are more or less similar to the findings of spiritual masters. In other words, we can say that the scientific results endorse the answers experienced by the spiritual masters. How?  

i) Natural process of Human evolution

      Scientists were trying to understand the apparent acceleration of human evolution and paleoanthropologist has found the result parallel with the spiritual master’s views. Richard E. Leaky (Kenyan paleoanthropologist, 1944) also makes reference to “the apparent acceleration of human evolution over the past four million years, and particularly the last one million year”.     

      The scientist is very correct when human evolution is left in the grip of nature (Prakriti). Yogi believes that the nature itself can evolve every aspects of brain after hundred billions years (like scientist has found out). However, yogi has found the methodology to evolve the brain fully within single span of life with the help of meditation and the same is described briefly in the image.  

      The image compares the results obtained by science and spiritual fields; which seem to be parallel.   

      Indian seers or yogi evolves the complete brain through meditation without getting for natural process of human brain evolution. Thinkers and scientists started working recently; hence they have visualized the process of human evolution under the grip of nature (Prakriti). They are correct by estimating the year of evolution as their approaches are up to the brim of natural process.  The mystic concept of yogi overcomes the natural process of evolution where factors like i) cause and effect ii) time and iii) space are the constraints for slow evolution. The yogi goes beyond this. 

      How the growth of evolution could be achieved by spiritual masters? Seers or yogi have found that growth of full evolution could be achieved by means of Vedic education where positive aspects of value added features of human being are first grown. After Vedic education the people were sent for the professional education to make a whole some effect on human evolution. Wherever, Vedic education was lagging, there was visible less acceleration of human evolution. That is what thinkers of different domain have observed and concluded.   

      In brief, human evolution achieves the completeness when human brain is evolved fully. Yogi can make this process (complete evolution of brain) with in short period (few years). Whereas, natural process will certainly take its own time to evolve the brain fully. Indian scriptures correlate this natural evolution with life – death cycle till one gets complete freedom (evolving all the aspects of the brain). Let us compare the views of other scientist.  

 ii) Neurobiologist view on evolution of brain

      The scientist in the field of neurobiology namely Steven Rose (emeritus Professor of Biology and Neurobiology, 1939), also believes that our brains are changed by the way we use them. He believes that our brain size may not be so different from that of early man but that our brain state, including the connectivity of cells, is different. Our changing environment and forms of society have produced changes in intelligence and consciousness.

      Scientist Steven Rose endorses the experience achieved by yogi. Basically, the evolution of brain depends on the utility of its various limbs namely pituitary, pineal, hypothalamus, thalamus etc. The yogi starts with the primitive brain and evolves its function and utility to the maximum possible with the help of concentration (Dharana), meditation (Dhyana) and achieving the degree of consciousness (Samadhi) at different realms of the brain. The steps achieved by yogi long ago have been endorsed by neuroscientist to confirm the parallel approach of science along with spiritual approach. Scientists and spiritual masters can get mutually benefitted if they understand the approaches followed by each other. 

      How evolutionary process is achieved by yogi? This could be understood by exploring the different segments of the brain. The evolution of cerebral and cerebrum cortex leads to the functional aspects of corpus callosum; which in turn provides the growth for achieving third eye (the vision related to minute aspects of nature). Third eye could be electron microscope of the brain. This helps to enlarge the inner vision which in turn, provides the way to reach the third ventricle of the brain which is a platform for white hole (connectivity of black hole of the brain). Black hole of the brain is viewed as a connection of third ventricle with Turiya where Nuclei or Bindu exists. Yogi takes the inner black hole (existing in the psychic tunnel) along with white hole (existing at Bindu Visarga) or third ventricle of the brain for connecting himself with universe as the corresponding neurons of the brain are fully evolved. Now, let us analyze the exponential growth of human brain viewed by scientist.   

iii) Exponential growth of human brain viewed by scientist

      There is possibility to have exponential growth of the brain and the same has been viewed by the scientist. Richard M. Restak (American neurologist, neuro psychiatrist, author and professor, 1942) in his book “The Brain” makes the following statement: The exponential growth of the human brain during the last 250,000 years is unique in the history of evolution. Even today we lack a satisfactory explanation how it came about. He recognizes an explosive growth of the human brain that he intuitively sees as being non than the cosmic one.

      Neuroscientist visualizes the exponential growth of brain in last 250,000 years. The Veda, the original manual related to brain, mind, consciousness and energy in life cycle and beyond, explains the utility of each segment to the extent possible while evolutionary process. Veda exists since the creation started. As per Indian concepts, the evolution of brain has been explored by the yogis long ago but the vision of neuroscientist confirms the parallel concept of evolution scientifically. The answer to the exponential growth of human brain can be summarized based on the stretching the function of brain and memory for finding the unknown or mystic solution. Yogis have done this job hence they could get the answer of complete evolutionary process much before; whereas, rest of the world including scientist could not. However, if the findings of scientist and yogi could be made a common platform or ground for understanding each other, many unknown facts of the universe could be evolved by non duality.   

      How non duality accelerates the growth of brain? The evolution of brain depends on the environment, economy, education and religious approach of the society. As there was a progressive growth in all the fields, hence evolution of brain of mankind could be progressively achieved. History shows that evolution of brain or mankind was slow till religious concept has the dual approach of the god (Ekeshwar Vad). When dual approach (Ekeshwar Vad) was further viewed and the concept of non duality (Serveshwar Vad) was introduced and exerted, there was tremendous growth of human brain, especially in the field of scientific achievement. That is why; the scientific development was poor before Newtonian concept.

      Let us explore that why the development of brain is needed? This question rounds about everyone’s mind. The scientist too could not resist obtaining the answer. That is why; the need of brain development for modern era was researched.

2.0 Prime need of brain development for modern era

      George Gaylord Simpson (American paleontologist, 1902 – 1984) has argued that if more intelligent parents have more children, then the population will become more intelligent and that the opposite will occur if less intelligent parents have more children. He would then maintain that it is possible, if not probable, that on average each new generation nowadays is mostly derived from the less intelligent members of the last generation. Because of this, he believes that mankind as a whole, or at least a considerable segment, may be evolving in the direction of less intelligence.

      The scientist perception is very correct as most of us have become more mechanically intellectual than the real one. Indian seers have viewed the same and hence they suggested to develop the right hemisphere (right lobe of the brain) prior to develop the left hemisphere which is responsible for bread earning. In Indian concept, there was a trend to have Vedic education for increasing the intelligence of the children (Future generation of society) by developing the right lobes of the brain first. The views of American paleontologist explain the utility of genetic information during day to day life by the parents. If genetic information is used and expanded maximum as per the capability, naturally the off spring (children) will be of high caliber. During Vedic education, the intelligent aspects of the brain used to be explored early than professional brain. In absence of Vedic education, yoga fulfills the missing link to make future society more intelligent by means of developing the right lobe in a systematic way. This is because; Left lobe of brain functions for the development of profession ability, whereas right lobe provides the intelligent personality to know the unknown. Wherever, the parents are capable to develop the right lobes, the children of the next generation will be intelligent naturally. The same (yogic methods) may be experimented to achieve the result by the scientist and common mass.

3.0 Apparent acceleration of human evolution

        On the subject like apparent acceleration of human evolution, many scientists and thinkers have carried out the research for finding out exponential increase in the number of neural cells and their interconnections. The thinkers Judith Hooper and Dick Teresi gave their opinions as mentioned in the image.

       Judith Hooper (American journalist, editor and writer, 1949) and Dick Teresi (American writer, co-author of The God Particle: If the Universe Is the Answer, What Is the Question? ) make reference to the exponential increase in the number of neural cells and their interconnections in animals with near – infinite bits, and near – infinite choices in their brains. Hooper and Teresi seem to be intuitively recognizing this non – linear process.

       Indian Rishi (seers) have experienced that when they reach to the zone of corpus callosum (white matter in the brain) through meditation, there will be exponential increase of neural cells for transmission of the information through axon and dendrite of the neuron body. The interconnection of neural cells gets attached to the infinite bits of choices (directions for energy and space or mind) of the brain for further evolution. The thinkers are parallel to the achievement of spiritual masters for achieving intuition in this region (corpus callosum). 

      How to reach corpus callosum? The meditator after getting the successful exploration of Agna Chakra can reach the domain of corpus callosum where both the petals (right and left lobe of the brain) of Agna chakra become third eye (Shiva Netra). This is the zone where meditator can visualize the entire range of the nature (Prakriti) in an easy way; which shows the exponential growth of neural cells of the brain in scientific way. 

4.0 Surgery of brain by Scientists and Spiritual Masters

      In this field, the science has performed the actual surgery, whereas spiritual masters have performed the mental surgery with the help of subtle energy (vital force) and subtle space (higher mind or Chitta). Scientific result of surgery is indicated in the image which was performed by Ronald Myers.    

     Ronald Myers (American physician, musician, and civil rights activist, 1956) and his colleagues at the National Institute of Health have found that they can produce abnormal social reactions in monkeys by certain types of surgical intervention. For instance, by removing the prefrontal cortex in juvenile primates they produced a decrease in the use of facial and vocal communication, an alteration in aggressiveness and patterns of grooming, a decreased participation in play activity, as well as frequent sessions of hyperactivity of an aimless variety.

       The experiment carried by Scientist indicates that the mental programming on animal can be changed by surgical means. Indian Yogi has shown the result of reprogramming of mind of human being with the help of Satsang and Meditation which yields vocal and physical strength for incapable person.  The meditation also provides the transformation in aggressiveness, reaction and other negative aspects of mind.

      The surgical experiment carried by the scientist requires certain efforts where Human errors are possible; whereas experienced spiritual masters can transform the mind or even brain with the help of Meditation without having side danger effect. The scientific approach is similar to the spiritual approach only methodology (instrument and apparatus) is different. In the field of psychology, the meditational approach will be of very help to the victims for restoring the behavioral pattern in positive way.   

      The above concepts, described in scientific and spiritual approach, are nearer to each other. This provides the need of understanding each other’s approaches in the enthusiastic manner. The readers may please provide suggestions, and comments if any to improve the analytical approach in both (scientific and spiritual) domains.

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  1. Perhaps the following article and artwork that I presented at “Science of Consciousness” in Tucson, Arizona, april 2016, is of interest to you.
    And thank you for sending the link to your website. (Unfortunately I could not add the image of the Mandala, I will try to send it by email)

    A Mandala expressing the Interaction between:
    the I-essence that experiences in us all, and
    particles and fields in space-time (of neurons)

    White stone in the middle of the mandala:
    Like in every mandala the center – here the round white stone – symbolizes the essence of all consciousness, which we could also call ‘That which experiences’ or I-ness or Self. Being the I of the mind, it not only experiences (input to I-ness) but it also chooses (output from I-ness). It should not be confused with the ego or personality of an organism. It is the rather abstract faculty of experiencing so to speak. Abstract in the sense that it does not change by the observations, the experiences that it has, nor does it change due to the choices that it makes. But it is not abstract at all in the sense that it is the most personal thing in the universe, the I of everyone. Within one organism it is exactly what John von Neumann means when he talks of “abstract ego”.
    Note: this I or I-ness itself has no space nor time. It is in the eternal now and it is always the same, although it experiences and chooses in all the living beings. Although it is the one and only consciousness essence of everything, it lives through the immense multiplicity of all conscious/living beings.

    Green inner circle surface:
    The unchanging Perennial Now realm is symbolized in the mandala by the light green circular surface in the middle. It is inhabited by the central I-ness of course, but also by other perennial unchanging “somethings” called eternal objects by A.N. Whitehead and ideas or eternal forms by Plato.

    Ray-like pieces of stone:
    Nine ray-like pieces of stone in 3 colors represent the birth of all the eternal objects or ideas by the ‘fire of intelligence’. There is a beautiful tale about the “coming into existence” of the eternal objects; you can find this in Appendix I.

    These eternal objects or ideas are all the imaginable things and we could also call them concepts. Appendix II will try to shed some light on them.
    A multi-colored string of beads represents these concepts, Platonic ideas, forms or eternal objects:

    The above paragraphs talked about the world of the Eternal Now, but now we come to the world of space-time, particles and fields, our familiar surroundings.
    Here at the border between the Perennial Now Realm and the Space-Time Realm we have the Quantum Reduction Processes represented by a circle of glass squares of different colors: These processes were discovered in the experimental outcomes only a century ago by the geniuses that founded Quantum Mechanics: Bohr, Einstein, Schrödinger, Heisenberg, Planck, Dirac, Fermi, Born, Pauli, de Broglie, Jordan, von Neumann and others.
    These Quantum Reduction Processes have precisely the right properties to connect the world of particles and fields in space-time with the essential I-ness or Self, because they are able to incorporate the essential peculiarities of consciousness into physics: Freedom by means of essentially unpredictable outcomes and Oneness by means of entanglement. These powerful reduction processes are able to suddenly change the state of a system by choosing one result out of the ‘superposition’ of usually many possible outcomes.
    The following part (outside the ring of colored stones processes) of the mandala will be based on the paradigm developed by Roger Penrose and Stuart Hameroff. The first part of this is the representation of the experiential and choice qualia by space-time curvatures in the microtubules of the subset of neurons involved.
    In this mandala the correspondence between the space-time curvatures on the one hand and the concepts, Platonic ideas or eternal objects in the realm of the Eternal Now on the other hand is represented by the black lines (“needles”) that connect all parts of the space-time curvatures in the microtubules with concepts/eternal objects.
    These space-time curvatures are represented by ‘blue waves’:
    In a reduction process the total of the experience and choice qualia of an organism at a certain moment (consisting of complexes of concepts or Platonic ideas) is so to speak ‘encoded’ by space-time curvatures in the relevant microtubules. In a Whitehead way of thinking you could say: the eternal objects are going on adventure in the real world of space and time.
    The space-time curvatures are a result of the positions of the masses of the particles that are involved. These masses are moved by the electromagnetic interactions of the electron clouds in the amino acids of the protein tubulin. Especially the benzene rings of the amino acids Tryptophan, Phenylalanine and Tyrosine are supposed to play an important role by means of the so-called London-Van Der Waals forces between the induced di-poles of these electron cloud rings (only about 2 nanometer apart in the tubulin proteins of the microtubules:
    These forces are higher orders of electromagnetic forces and are created by the exchange of virtual photons just as every electromagnetic force, and represented by Feynman diagrams:
    Although photons travel with the speed of light, in their own rest-frame they have no time nor space, they are always in the here and now. This is one of the miracles of Relativity Theory. A photon is in its own reference frame at the same moment in the sun and in our eyes.
    We can now summarize the situation as follows: the experiences and choices of an organism are the quantum mechanical reduction processes of electromagnetic wave functions in the microtubules of a set of neurons. We might call this ‘Reduction Boundary’. These wave functions are brought about by the exchange of virtual photons. If we look at the organism from the standpoint of the I-ness or Self, the first thing that we encounter is this body of (virtual) photons which we could call ‘Light Body’. So we could say: Reduction Boundary = Light Body.
    Appendix I:
    The Rishi, the sage, who wrote the Rig Veda, did the following thought experiment: Imagine the whole universe away. Objects, particles and space-time no longer exist. If there might be other universes, imagine them also away. Then also imagine away the imaginable things, the concepts, the Platonic ideas, the eternal objects as A.N. Whitehead calls them. The only thing that is then still left over, is that which experiences, the I of the mind, pure consciousness (without objects) symbolized by the white stone in the center of the mandala. Then in the perennial now of pure consciousness, this pure consciousness somehow refers to itself (with infinite velocity because there is no time).
    This referring to itself gives an immense whirl or in Sanskrit a ‘rk’ which gives the name ‘rig’ to the Rig Veda, and which we still recognize in the word jerk. This ‘rk’ whirl with infinite velocity in the eternal now gives rise to the combination of 5 primordial elements: the ‘A’ of fullness, the ‘k’ of stop/emptiness, the ‘n’ of negation, the ‘i’ of movement or speed and the ‘m’ of measure or quanta. Together these letters form the Sanskrit word Agnim, which is after the title ‘rk’ (Rig) the first word of the Rig Veda. Agnim is usually translated as “fire of intelligence”, signifying the overwhelmingly blazing and intelligent nature of this creation of all imaginable concepts (the Platonic ideas or forms). The next word which directly follows Agnim, is the word ‘ile’ which means “I stand in awe, I adore”. Together this is Agnimile:

    Appendix II:
    The imaginable concepts can be divided in the same areas as we have areas of experience and choice. In the experience area we have sense perceptions (colors, forms, sounds…), rational perceptions or understandings (numbers, shapes, formula, relations…) and feelings or emotions (joy, anger, hope…). Part of the rational perceptions area are the mathematical concepts: numbers, geometrical forms, structure, relations, formula etc. Not only mathematics, but also all other sciences have all of their concepts (including structure and relations etc.) in the Perennial Now realm, namely in that part of this realm that is dedicated to understanding. For the choices the categories are: physical movements, movements in the area of understanding, and movements in the area of feelings. Examples of concepts in these areas are: plans, visions, creative totals. The concepts are symbolized in the mandala by the ring of colorful beads at the outer border of the light green circular surface around the center.

    1. Namaskar Pandey sab Since a long time I lost the habit of looking into emails today accidentally I chanced to look into your article ‘ science speaks on spirituality’It is quiet wonderful ,and highly thought provoking, Any way it requires indepth study, I very carefullyagain go through it, digest and then come to you on phone ,Pandurangarao sripathi 002-A Manjeera heights LBNagar Hyderabad

      1. Thank you sir for viewing. I hope that you will find some time to look into the article and you will be able to provide positive comments for improving the article.

    2. Respected Dr. Gerard Blommestijn,
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  2. Namaste Pandey sir:

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  3. You have clearly discussed important aspects of human consciousness. This is one of the the main aspects of my recent book and of the second one under preparation. My first book: “IN SEARCH OF CONSCIOUSNESS AND THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING” introduces the philosophical and historical background of why we have a universe and realities of existence, around which the ultimate secrets are found in the manner our universe was created by a Super-intellect, in other words, what in science we call “THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING”. My second book will describe the ultimate theory of existence and the origin of the universe, and we will then much nearer to what is consciousness and the human being. And of course why Yoga and meditation are important.
    My first book , printed in the US, is available as Hard Cover, Soft Cover, eBook, at any book shop on order mainly and you will see it on the websites of Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords and several other websites.

    1. Thank you sir for showing your interest. You are very correct that consciousness exists in human brain also. That is why, i have chosen the subject “The Brain”where scientists and spiritual masters are nearer. If time permits, i will certainly go through your book and try to understand your approach of understanding consciousness. You are writing on a very valuable subject which has prime importance for understanding the self as well as to get revealed many scientific knowledge which could be used for the benefits of mankind.
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      1. Thanks for your positive comments. I am currently writing my final Book on the origin of the universe and the theory of everything.

        1. Hello Sir, Wish you all the best for your endeavour. If you need any help please let me know. In addition, for universe and space some of the topics have been published in my website at different stages. Perhaps, those articles will be of your help. Please glance through if possible.
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  4. Very well articulated article –

    Of course all suggest noble logical scientific approach to link harmony with harmon centers.

    It will sometimes lead new innovations to understand our brain better.

  5. The last comment talks about linking consciousness with humans, the beyond and life. Naturally this is the major mystery. That is the reason why I wrote my first book that prepares the ground and the next book will provide the explanation that we humans are capable. Naturally philosophy tends to interpret as nearly all the articles on this site do. Science, I will attempt to show, provides explanations, in the context of philosophical interpretations. However the situation is more complex, but philosophy will have the opportunity to discuss and interpret a lot more meaningfully once I publish my Theory of Everything.

    1. Thanks for your interest. Perhaps, we may exchange our thinking and ideas for the benefit of human kind. If agreeable, let us communicate each other through electronic means. If you need any article or book, please feel free to drop a message.

    1. Hello! Thanks for your wide vision on the subject. Many more articles you may find in my website related to science and spirituality. please go through the website for exploring the subject of your interest.
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    1. Hello! Thank you for your interest. Keep watching other topics in my website If you are concerned with the modern science or physics, please read my article on soul. The special article on soul compared with atomic structure (having basic building block) is being released soon on my website and perhaps the same will be of your interest. Further, if you have any article related to science or spirituality, please share with me.


    1. Hello! Thank you for your interest. Keep watching other topics in my website there are many articles on science and spirituality in my website which provides the basis for making a common plat form for scientist as well as for spiritual master. If you have any concepts similar to that, please let me know.


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