Status and Empowerment of women viewed by Yoga (Paperback book) published by amazon


UNO has declared 8th march as International Women’s day to review the status and empowerment of women throughout the world and also to examine how far the same could be accelerated. In this connection, TATA projects of India have initiated the celebration where the author was invited to describe how the Status and empowerment of women could be achieved in yogic way. The women’s day celebration blossom out in a book form entitled “Status and empowerment of women viewed by Yoga”.    

      Normally, people feel that men and society are responsible for debacle of women. The scenario like men does not help or assist women to achieve their better status and empowerment is not completely true. There could be a sense of man dominating environment but men are not against the development of women’s status and empowerment. The higher analysis discovers that improvement of women’s psychology along with the development of philosophical nature of women will help them to equalize their status with men. If women start working in psycho domain along with soma domain of women hood, they will find the missing links in their growth.

      It is interesting to note that factors like courage and confidence are the primary one for women to act upon the process for uplifting the status and getting empowered. Next step should be to get initiated and concentrated. In this process, achieving the knowledge of creativity is essential. During first step of improvement, women can achieve with the help of modern education; whereas, the process of second step could be achieved mainly through yogic practices. 

      The book consists of seven chapters namely i .review  of  empowerment  and  status  of  women  since human  civilization  (vedic  era) till  21st  century ii. Hindrance for women’s development iii. Specific diseases in women and their cure iv. Yogic practice for women’s diseases v. role of yoga to improve the status and empowerment of women vi. What yoga does? and vii. How to achieve the rapid progress in women’s lifestyle?

The book illustrates 41 images and prominent among them are i) How to accelerate the Women’s Status in the World? ii) How Pranayama helps women? iii) What women should do to achieve the status?  iv) Analysis of male and female tendency as per yoga v) Indian women in vedic era vi) Top women Nobel laureates vii) Reasons to break a joint family viii) Psycho somatic diseases in women ix) Factors needed to uplift the status of women x) Yoga – A complementary to medical system xi) Yoga – An alternate of medical system xii) The function of fine regulatory mechanism in women xiii) Worry leads to nervous problems and insomnia for women xiv) Advantage of being in present and xv) Secrete of success.  

The eye catching subjects like i) Common specific diseases in Women ii) How Yoga takes care of women’s Heart, Joints, Weight, Stress & Irritation problems? iii) How Yoga makes correction for women’s diseases? iv) How Yoga boasts up healthiness of T Cells and B cells in Women? v) Killer Virus Diseases and DNA damage in Women vi) How women should shine in skill development? vii) How Yoga inculcates Commitment, Dedication & Enthusiasm? viii) Scientific approach for upliftment of status and empowerment of women ix) Why women should adopt Yoga & Meditation? are described in detail. 

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