4. Common Platform for Science and Spirituality (Paperback book) published by create space



     The science is in search of truth and gets many innovative concepts while discovering the truth. The spiritual masters or seers have already discovered the truth (supreme reality). Unless, they (scientist and spiritual master) exchange their views or findings in a scientific language, the benefit of both the domains will not be useful for human beings. A common platform is needed in the present era; for which Swami Vivekananda has given the sufficient explanations more than 150 years ago.  

     Swami Vivekananda delivered his talk at London in 1896 (ref. complete works of swami Vivekananda, volume II Chapter 6) where he talked about i) Materialism  ii) Meaning of duality iii) How dualism affects the researcher? iv) How Advaita can encircle the religions? v) Need of universal religion vi) How Advaita viewed by Buddha? vii) Importance of Advaita and viii) how scientific concept and Vedanta are parallel or closer? About more than 150 years ago, Swami Ji has visualized the common platform for the scientist and also for the spiritual masters to have a dialogue and exchange their views.

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