Works in Hand

The intended works in hand are

i) Soul and its utility in day to day life

ii) Ram Rajya for world peace

iii) Skill Development for utilizing proficiency and efficiency

iv) Brain and beyond

v) Understanding Consciousness through Meditation

vi) Types of Meditation for Bahirang and Antarang yoga

vii) Mind and beyond

viii) Is Protoplasm a God?

ix) Quantum theory speaks on Spirituality

x) Science, Religion and Spirituality

xi) Universe and its content

              Research Associates

1. Harish Kumar , M.Sc., M.B.A.

Profession : Director Sales, Indian Scientific Corp., Hisar, Haryana

Area of Interest :

1. Human Consciousness Research
2. Essence of Indian Scriptures
3. Mind and its mechanism.
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2. Dr. Sanjay Gawali
Profession : Advisor, Nashik Blood Bank (Maharashtra)
Recipient of Excellent Employee Award in Habtoor Leighton Group having proven track record of performing in pressurized work environment and dealing with multicultural clientele in an effective manner.
Vision: Plans to set up an International Yoga Studies, Therapy and Research Centre Headquartered in Nashik. Initiated already a research project on impact of Yoga intervention on Thalassemia affected children in Maharashtra. The proposed institution intends to spread the message of wellbeing by setting up Yoga Learning Centers to conduct Yoga Training, Awareness camps for Yoga Therapy, Yoga retreats for developing Human potential and Excellence of individuals & Organizations / Corporate at International level. The scientific research on yogic concepts and its utility for the human society is being collaborated with SAP, Hyderabad.
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Mob. -+91-0-8805784510

3. T.Madhusudhana Rao

Field of Research :

i. Involved in the research of Consciousness ( related to common people, concerned with Sadhakas,evolving people and how this concept help for achieving deeper meditation )
ii. kriya yoga  ( How kriya yoga helps to purify psychic system and further help to reach the absolute consciousness and higher ).
iii. Meditation ( concerned with common man, desirous sadhakas in the field of Yogoda satsang meditation. )

He has exposure of Sudarsan kriya of sri sri Ravisankar and he is follower of Yogoda satsang for about ten years.

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