Courses Offered at SAP

a) Pranayama and Meditation

1. Basic Concept of Meditation

2. Cyclic Meditation for evolution of three elements or forces namely Prana, Mind and Power (Shakti) – developed by SVYASA and subsequently modified (reoriented) at SAP. 

3. Omkara Meditation

4. Reprogramming of Mind through Meditation 

5. Pranayama on Hanuman Chalisa for effective balancing of head (left lobe) and heart (right lobe) for the utility of intellectuals.

6. Meditation on Hanuman Ji for making objective self to dissolve with subjective self.

7. Meditation of Brahman, Atma, Nature (Prakriti) and Maya through Hanuman Chalisa – understanding the “Vidya and Avidya” concept of Veda through meditation.

8. Deep Sleep Meditation with reference to Yogada (YSS) and VII chapter of Gita – it is well developed meditation for evolving up to self (Atma) Darshan.

9. Secret Psychic Death Meditation with reference to Yogada (YSS) and VIII chapter of Gita – for highly developed and advanced Sadhaka to become eligible for freedom (Moksha or Nirvana).

10. Meditation on human Atomic (Anvik) evolution through Brain expansion – for utility of scientist and spiritual master by combining the principles of science (atomic concept) and spirituality (meditation). The same is under progress.

b) Meditation and discourses

1. The Basic Concept of Meditation explored through different parts (Chakra) of Brain.

2. Discourses and Interaction on Hanuman Chalisa as Mini Veda.

3. Discussion and interaction on Bhagwad Gita, complete works of Swami Vivekananda and discourses on meditation given by Swami Krishnananda are the important topics taken at SAP.