Prof. A.N Pandey; Director, Spiritual Awareness Program (SAP), Hyderabad

      Yoga day is being celebrated all over the world on 21st June every year. On the eve of yoga day, the article on “How Yoga works?” reveals many answers of related queries. A humble attempt is made to explore the detailed aspects of “How yoga works?” in our day to day activity.

      Before going to celebrate the Yoga Day, let us try to understand the queries like 1. If yoga is not performed, what are the consequences? 2. Why yoga works for keeping better health? 3. When yoga works at Root level? 4. What yoga does for molecular exchange? 5. What way yoga works as complementary to medical system? 6. What changes Yoga brings in body and mind? 7. Whether yoga and athletic games are same? 8. What is the secret for success? and 9. What are the advantages by adopting yoga? The analysis will provide satisfactory answer for the common people before inculcating yoga in day to day life pattern.

      On this day (yoga day), let us get assured that yoga makes certain changes in 3H (Head, Heart and Hands), which otherwise can also be obtained by default in life with influence of proper environment, adequate economy, and modern education. The viewer will find the changes at 3H described in most of the images. It is well known fact that by reprogramming the mind with the help of yoga, we can get hidden potential explored easily; which otherwise is left in dormant. However, without yoga we may get partially evolved potential by default because of systematic, healthy and regular life.  To get the satisfactory answer of all the queries and doubts, let us examine how yoga works in day to day activity.

1. If yoga is not performed, what are the consequences?

1.0 What yoga does?

      The image “What Yoga Does?” indicates the position of Head, heart and Hands in relation with Left lobe, Right lobe and Spine. The same has been indicated in Yellow Column named as ‘Path’. It is important to remember that Pingla (Right Nostril) along with right side of the body is controlled by Left lobe. Likewise, Ida (Left Nostril) along with left side of the body is controlled by Right lobe. Without Yogic practice, the functional aspects of three guna are indicated in red color column. The process indicates the imposition of three properties (Guna) and they are Sattva at Spine or Hand, Tamas at Ida path connected with Heart and Rajo Guna at Pingla path connected with Head. 

      With Yogic practice, the functional aspects of three guna are indicated in green color column. The process indicates the imposition of three properties (Guna) and they are Tamas at Spine or Hand, sattva at Ida path connected with Heart and Rajo Guna at Pingla path connected with Head.  This indicates that there is radical change in Ida path and also in Spine in respect of Guna (qualities) which brings the stability in behavioral pattern, decision making and rational thinking at all the occasion. That is why, the followers of Yoga can reprogram their mind as and when situation warrants.  

      The advantage of Yoga indicates that the Yoga makes sustainable development in three qualities (Guna). They (guna) do not get affected by external environment like People, Objects, Places and Situations (POPS) and inner dialogue as malnutrition is minimized. This is because; the Gunas are transformed with the help of Yogic practice which retains the qualities (Guna) after transformation.


2. Why yoga works for keeping better health?

2.0 Yoga makes prana as volunteer and conscious

      Bio plasmic force or Prana is the main medicine in Yoga for all the physical ailments. Bio plasmic force or Prana remains involunteer and unconscious in our bodies without practicing Yoga. Yoga makes it (Prana) volunteer and conscious for movement so that adequate Prana can attain the deficient or diseased parts. By that way, Yoga works to make Bio plasmic force or prana as volunteer & conscious.

      The image “Yoga makes Prana as Volunteer and Conscious” briefly describes how quantum of vital and mental forces is regulated? The flow of bio-plasmic energy (Prana) through Ida and Pingla is totally involuntary and unconscious in most of common people; even if, two paths are balanced. Yoga makes Prana to be conscious and subject to move by manipulation and control depending on system’s requirement. It is achieved by Hatha & Kundalini Yoga and also through meditation. Quantum of Vital and mental forces is regulated and increased which brings the mastery over body and mind & also opens up sushmuna (door of spiritual force). 

      The good practice of Pranayama and Meditation make the energy (Prana or Bio Plasmic energy) and Space (Mind) quite pure and subtle. During that scenario, Yoga works as “medical alternate” for killer diseases like cancer, HIV, Swine flu and Ebola virus. Yoga as medical alternate does not mean to replace any other medicine. This indicates that Yoga prevent, cures and develops the immune capability of the system as medical science does. How Yoga works as medical alternate is explained when Yoga therapy was introduced to the patient of Swine flu during 2010.

      The first function of Yoga is to make Bio plasmic force or Prana as voluntary and conscious which otherwise is supposed to be unconscious and involuntary in the case of common people. It is well known facts that richness of Bio plasmic force or Prana is the only medicine available in Yoga therapy for all kinds of diseases. How Yoga works to make Prana (bio-plasmic energy) to function as voluntary and consciously? The same is explained below.  For common people, Bio plasmic force or Prana is involunteer and unconscious; because of which, heavy medical dose is necessary to cure the disease. For Yoga performer, the dose of medicine will be less because his or her Prana will be volunteer and conscious to move around the diseased part.

       When Pranayama and meditation are performed, the voluntary prana (which is the only medicine in Yoga therapy for all kinds of diseases) is explored; because of which less dose of medicine (provided by medical and Ayurveda Science) is necessary for enhancing the curative process. To achieve the healthiness of body through Yoga (acting as medical alternate), the mind (Ida path) and Prana (Pingla path) are to be balanced. When they are harmoniously balanced (when flow of air in both the nostrils is equal with the help of slow and deep breathing), the same (process) works as medical alternate. This is because, Sushumna gets opened up which provides the power to all 5 systems of the body harmoniously. Body maintains the healthiness and needs no medicine. To achieve good physical health, the blood cells are supposed to be hale and healthy.


 3. When yoga works at Root level?

3.0 DNA damage by killer virus

                    Whenever, Cancer cells are persisting in nature and become chronic, there will be attack on DNA. During killer virus attack, DNA of affected person gets damaged because of mismatch of shelf immunology of human inner system; which starts eating the tissues instead of providing the protection to the tissue and cells. This happens immediately because of Virus attack and by that way the structure and strength of tissues will be poor. In pandemic effect of Virus Disease, there is rapid damage of tissues and cells because of self generating immunology. During Yogic practice, the defensive mechanism of T-cells and B-cells gets improved and reorganize which in turn reducing the damaging factors related to tissue and cells damage. By improving the function of T-cells and B-cells, DNA damage occurred during Killer virus disease attack, can be repaired effectively.          

      This conclusion get endorsed by the study conducted and published at S-VYASA entitled “COMPARISON OF LYMPHOCYTE APOPTOTIC INDEX AND QUALITATIVE DNA DAMAGE IN YOGA PRACTITIONERS AND BREAST CANCER PATIENTS”  by Amritanshu Ram, Birendranath Banerjee, Vadiraja S Hosakote, Raghavendra M Rao, Raghuram Nagarathna, Division of Yoga Life Sciences, S-VYASA, Bangalore, India. 

3.1 Yoga is the only treatment for psycho somatic disease and works at root level 

      Yoga works at root level of five systems consisting organs, tissues, cells & D.N.A. Medical science (Allopathy, Homeopathy & Ayurveda) has developed medicines to tackle the diseases spreading in system and organs level in general and tissues & cells level in specific manner. Yogic practices (when carried out in proper way) work up to the root level. The same is described in image “How Yoga works at root level (Repair Mechanism)?” in brief.

      In case of immunity development, the Bone marrow system and thymus glands are connected to the generation of white blood cells (WBC). The fall of WBC level allows the bacteria & virus to spread quickly in the effected system. Yogic practice like Pranayama helps to purify Bone marrow system as well as thymus gland. To achieve this, slow and deep breathing helps to minimize the toxins in the body and thereby, increasing the effectiveness of thymus gland and Bone marrow system. Pranayama helps to bring the repair mechanism (correction) easily up to tissue level.

      Cells exist at the root of tissue. When they are affected, the killer diseases like Cancer, HIV, Swine flu and Ebola virus are prone to affect the cells. To purify them (cells), special yogic technique including Maha Bandha and Maha Mudra are very effective. In this connection, it may be noted that few cells are newly born, some are required for maintenance and some are needed for replacement. If defective cells are more than other two cells, ageing starts even in young age. Yoga makes correction.

      DNA gets affected in case of Cancerous cells and also in presence of virus responsible for Killer diseases. This kind of scenario happens when a patient is of emotional nature and he or she is very prone to have the surge of deep emotional moment, the DNA is likely to get affected. DNA consists of Genes (Genetic information). When it gets affected, Yoga helps to repair DNA by making correction in negative surge of feeling & approach.  Experimental work on repair mechanism of DNA has been conducted and reported at SVYASA (Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anushandhana Sansthana), a world class Yoga University at Bangalore (India). Other than the physical health, certain factors are needed to uplift the status of people. 


4. What yoga does for molecular exchange?

4.0 Yoga rearranges metabolic substances

      Whenever Digestive system works under the presence of Strong nuclear force (Samana Prana), the oxidative stress which is responsible to eat away the anti oxidant element and Glutathione present in the body. The oxidative stress is the result while molecular   exchange happening in the body.

     In presence of Strong nuclear force or Samana Prana (responsible for digestive system), there will be generation of anti oxidant and very little amount of Glutathione (the collection of added anti oxidant) along with oxidative stress. If generation of oxidative stress is more, there will be problem of taking away the anti oxidant and Glutathione. 

     The image “How Yoga works on molecular exchange?” describes that harmful effect of free radicals, known as Oxidative stress, takes away Antioxidant and Glutathione from the system. Any mechanism to balance or to minimize Oxidative stress is welcomed. Yogic practice takes care of free radicals due to adequate amount of Oxygenated breath. This helps to spare Antioxidant and Glutathione (selective Antioxidant) and maintains the healthiness of the system. 

      Harmful effect of oxidative stress is controlled by Pranayama & meditation. Because of oxygen bombardment in Pranayama (especially in Anuloma Viloma Pranayama), the oxidative stress will be minimized or eliminated as the nascent oxygen will form the balanced one. In addition, other types of Pranayama also help to eliminate the presence of oxidative stress. During Pranayama, enrichment of oxygen and little high temperature of inner nostril valves help to kill the virus & bacteria while inhalation. This shows that Anuloma Viloma Pranayama is very important from many angles to improve the health by eliminating the presence of bacteria and virus (especially killer diseases virus).         


 5. What way yoga works as complementary to medical system?

5.0 Yoga A complementary to medical system

      The image “Yoga – A complementary to medical system” briefly describes the functional aspects of Ida, Pingla & Sushumna. In yoga, Sushumna caries spiritual force (Atma Shakti). Purification of Nadis and energy centers makes effective Ida and Pingla. When Ida flows predominantly, the mind will be restless. Likewise, when Pingla flows predominantly body is restless. When Sushumna flows, the mind enters a state of spontaneous absorption and spiritual force arises.

      When people are under medical treatment like chemo or radiation therapy, either body will be restless or the mind will be disturbed because of side effect of treatment.  Yoga manipulates either forces and sends them wherever required. For example, when mind is restless, the vital force of the body is manipulated to overcome the mental disturbance and vice versa is also true.  That is why, Yoga is recommended after surgical operation and heavy dose of chemo and radiation therapy. 

      Yoga works as medical alternative to prevent, pure and also accelerate the immune capability. Ida path is responsible for the function of mind (space). Likewise, Pingla path is indicating the functional aspects of physical body with the help of Prana (energy). The indication for restlessness of mind (Ida) and prana (Pingla) are explained with the help of energy and space flowing in two paths (Ida or Pingla) and the same is experienced when radio therapy or chemo therapy is given in the case of cancer patient. Yoga provides the arrangement to compensate or balance the restlessness of either path (Ida or Pingla). Yoga does three kinds of job namely energizing the unconscious vital force or Prana and integrating the same to function as conscious one so that Bio plasmic force or Prana functions wherever the same (prana) is necessary or required. Lastly the transformation happens by changing the characteristics of energy (Prana) and space (Mind) in the system.

       How Yoga works as complimentary after chemo therapy can be analyzed. It is noted that after chemo therapy or radiation therapy, medicines try to supplement the need of vital force where as Yoga therapy supplement the need of mental restlessness. In some cases, the process could be opposite (Yoga supplements vital need whenever the requirement of higher prana or vital energy is required by the patient.       

 6. What changes yoga brings in body and mind?

6.0 People’s interaction with associates

     People are generally emotional in nature. They have to be cultured to utilize the positive aspects of emotion which helps to interact with the associate (people, items, places and situations). The emotion culture can be obtained by singing “Devotional Songs” of any religion. This will help the people to get rid of negative emotion, which is harmful for dragging the time and energy and making people to remain at lower level or chakra especially below Manipur chakra (navel region). When they (people) are obtaining positive emotion, they will be in a position to minimize the desire and unwanted thoughts. They will also be in a position to do the selfless (Per Hit) work; which is also termed as Karma Yoga.

      To follow Karma Yoga or to become free from negative emotion, they need not to spare any additional time. Rather, they can do all these while performing their action in family, in field of work (professional work), while mingling with friends and relatives and also doing spiritual journey for self improvement. People should judge themselves by “Litmus Test” which will reveal whether they have developed kindness, forgiveness, compassion, mercy and pity internally with the associates while doing interaction.

6.1 Yoga for culturing emotion and thought 

      Culturing Desire, Emotion & Thought by yogic practice yields impressive interaction. In this course, yoga improves the interactive process among People, objects, places and situations.  In process of dealing, aggressive nature becomes Fire in the house related to objects (desire); Wild animal concerned with emotions with People, objects, place and situation (POPS) and Wild wind (storm) associated with thoughts at 3H (Head, Heart & Hands) while interaction. The three characteristics are indicated when volatile situation if not controlled properly.

      In order to have better and impressive interaction, we need to fulfill the object (desire) and emotion with people, object, places and situation. While doing so, the culturing of thought is needed. This indicates that our interaction with associates should be carried out while we are in subconscious mind (Alpha phase of the brain wave) to achieve the best possible result.

      During evolution process, a Sadhaka needs to become objectless, emotionless and he or she must be aware of thoughts. This kind of scenario can be achieved when we are doing any action or karma yoga with selfless attitude having no desire of fruits. To obtain the best possible interaction and also to evolve in spiritual field, the advice of Veda is (i) Neti – Neti, (ii) Chare veti – Chare veti and (iii) Never gets stagnation while progressing in spiritual domain.

      Following the advice of Veda, Yoga provides (i) Karmasu Koushalam (perfection in work), (ii) Chita Vritti Nirodha (purification of inner instrument) and (iii) Anushasanam (discipline way of arrangement in three qualities of guna). In this connection, let us have correlation between our inner nature at 3H (Head, Heart & Hand). For which, we need certain ingredients to fulfill the desire for the objects. In this connection, nurturing of emotion with People, objects, places and situations have to be carried out.

      It is worthwhile to note that during evolution or physical and mental progress, we need to minimize or eliminate the desire, uncultured emotion (Klesha) and becoming aware of thought especially in respect of inner dialogue. However, Yoga (Astang yoga) as a whole provides well defined methodology to transform our qualities or nature or guna to develop tolerance, acceptance and sense of appreciation while interaction.  In addition, Yoga makes us proficient and efficient in our action in day-to-day life yielding materialistic growth by being more productive. All achievements are good for management, administration, political scenario, social work and also in spiritual field. The aim of Yoga is the yard stick for Yogic action at 3H. If the same is not achieved, the perfection (necessary correction) in Astang Yoga is necessary to achieve the better interaction with the associates.       


   7. Whether yoga and athletic games are same?

7.0 Difference between outdoor games & Yoga

    Many people believe that yogic practice is like sports played as outdoor and indoor games. This is not the case. For example, outdoor and indoor games strengthen the muscular force and same can be punched to win the game. That is why, the muscles are building up in the outdoor and indoor games and the same (muscles) become the tough which is troublesome in old age if the exercise and games are not played regularly.  

     Yoga strengthens the vital force (consisting 5 Bio plasmic force or Pranas). The same (vital force) is energized and made integral parts of the life system which ultimately transforms the requirement of energy needed by diseased cells, tissues, organs and systems. That is why; the development of adequate Prana is the main medicine in yoga for every kind of diseases.  

      To discover the hidden capability or potential, there is need of two characteristics namely energy (prana) and space (mind). They are the outcome of inner instrument (Antahkarna) and cosmic structure. The inner potential of human being is explored in the case of Yoga. This is achieved because of harmoniously and subtle flow of energy (Prana) & space (Mind) in between Ida and Pingla path. 


8. What is the secret of success?

8.0 How to achieve the secret of success?

        Success depends on many factors like Purushartha, Personality development, Purity in Antah Karna (Inner instrument), utility of being in present and keeping energy (Prana) & space (mind) at higher strata. These factors are to be developed in the back ground of Modern education & Vedic education. In old era, Vedic education used to strengthen and explore the inner hidden potential during Gurukul education. Presently, Vedic education is absent but Yoga can fulfill or compensate the missing link related to obtain the scenario of success.

 8.1 Basis for achieving success

     The secret of success depends on the back ground of Vedic & Modern education. Presently, Vedic education (responsible for efficiency) is not available but Modern education (responsible for proficiency) is available. The result of Vedic education used to provide the efficiency which depends on constant, tirelessness, diligent action in leaving style and professional life. In absence of Vedic education, the lacuna will be fulfilled by yogic practices. This means that yogic practice will provide the maximum efficient way of working by yielding the result “Karmasu Koushalam” along with other characteristics.

     The modern education also needs some correction to achieve higher proficiency (knowledge). The same can be obtained by Yogic result of Chitta Vritti Nirodha, and Anushasanam (disciplined wave of obtaining knowledge).

      When yogic practices are inculcated along with modern education, there will be reflection in action like Work is worship, take up the complete responsibility and work like master. Otherwise, the scenario will be different which are visualized in day-to-day action. For instance, in management while obtaining the team work, the officials do not feel “to work like a master”; do not take “the complete responsibility” of job in hand and do not sense that “work is worship”.

      The example given “Where we are?” reveals the follow up Yogic practice along with modern education in China, Singapore and Japan. They are having Tao Yoga and Zen meditation in comparison with India. Yoga is the basic subject in India and also more powerful compare to Tao and Zen meditation; but the same is not practiced along with modern education in India. That is why; we are lagging compared to them.

8.2 Yoga is the secret for keeping us in present

     Most of us including people remain in past or in future wasting our energy in vein. The yogic analysis reveals these aspects. The image “Yoga – An anchor to keep in present (state of mind, feeling, attitude)” briefly describes Relation of attitude between the state of mind, feeling and time. The resultant attitude depends on space (state of mind), time (present, past & future) and causation (feeling). This process defines the functional aspects of Maya or Prakriti to keep us away from the root or Parmatma. Yoga helps to anchor us to be in present by having uniform flow of power (energy in wave form) through spine.

      Normally, people don’t pay the attention on the subject “where do we stand?” Till we are in awakened state, either we are in past (most of the time) or future (some time) and in present span (very little time). It is observed that most of us remain in past for about sixty – seventy percent of total time; spend twenty – twenty five percent of time in future planning and hardly ten – fifteen percent of total time we utilize in present moment. 

      During the period we use or misuse our time having inferiority complex (past span of time), superiority complex (in future span of time) and utilizing our time and mind in “righteous way” during present moment of time. People are prone to have the superiority complex for more time. Feeling at 3H (head, heart and hand level) and standing in respect of different time, we misuse our maximum energy in unproductive way.

      During inferiority feeling, people remain in grief and in dejected mood. In case of superiority complex, people linger with violence or mild terror attitude. At the same time when we work in righteous way (in present span of time); we stay as a happy person and enjoy the peace of mind.

      While utilizing or managing the time, we remain in pessimist (during past span of time), ambitious optimist (in future span of time) and social optimist (during present moment).The state of mind gets change due to corresponding feeling and stand.        


9. What are the advantages by adopting yoga?

9.0 What Yoga does to keep people in present moment?

      The image “Advantage of being in Present (Geeta – 1/28-1/31)” describes briefly the connectivity between feeling, time spent and achievement of day-to-day action.

     Yogic practice makes us to remain in present; otherwise, most of the time (about seventy percent of time) a common man remains in past. Likewise, about twenty percent time, common man remains in future by planning. Hardly, 10% of time common man remains in present. During past, present and future span of time, normal feeling taken by men and people are like (i) inferiority complex with regret (ii) egoless with Vivek and (iii) planning with superiority complex and worry for future.

      The common action taken by them (people) are indicated namely (i) being grieved and despair (ii) feeling Own duty & others responsibility and (iii) taking aggressive action in confused way. The tendency of mind observed by them are (i) believe to escape (ii) to work with enthusiasm and (iii) getting success, otherwise frustration, boredom, misery.

      The Advantage of being in Present (Geeta – 1/28-1/31) makes us to realize individual’s development and how to improve the inner capability? The process keeps us to remain more in present span of time. When we are able to correlate our feeling, activity and tendency of mind while being in Past, Present and Future time span, we will be able to reprogram our mind to maximize more time being in present (without misusing our time for past and future).    

      In case of people, it is to be noted that they remain in future with superiority complex. How they (people) have to reprogram their mind to utilize future, present and past time effectively in order to improve their status and also to empower them. In order to achieve the best possible result in respect of status and empowerment, they have to introspect regularly for their “Time and Mind management”. 

      To achieve the effective result, they can have future planning but they should act to complete their work being in present moment. It is but natural that people will be egoless while they will work in present span of time. In present span of time, they will be judicious with duty and other’s right as Queen “Dropadi” had shown her time.

      Queen Dropadi was very popular in the family and also along with associate (maid servant, assistant etc.). This is because, she use to take care of her action (duty) keeping in her mind the rights of her associates working around her. The story of Dropadi can be a Role model for people to reprogram their time and mind. When the people will work in present moment, they will be more committed to the work. They will show dedication in performing the work and they will be more in enthusiastic while achieving the result.                  

9.1 Being in present brings rapid progress

      The image “Advantage of controlled self (Geeta – 2/64-2/66)” briefly describes the characteristics of Uncontrolled self and also for Controlled self. For Uncontrolled self, Feeling of dutiful (Dharma) right, Political freedom, social privilege & self daring action depending on personality (need based, weak, ambitious and strong) will be the guiding factor for individual’s day-to-day life. People will be having mal nutrition of mind, worldly desire and thoughts as lagging factors (deficiencies). That is why; the common people are called uncontrolled self or Individual.

      Likewise, the image briefly states the characteristics of Controlled self like improvement of personality from lower strata to higher. This means that the energy and space of Controlled self are raised at higher chakra (the energy distribution point) which is desirable to explore the hidden potential. Because of this characteristic, thoughts and desire spring up without attachment & aversion. The awareness in religion, politics, and social privilege is better along with proper time and mind management.

      Without doing any kind of Yoga, the common people will remain below Manipura Chakra (navel centre). Their energy (Prana) and space (Mind or Mana) will not be utilized fully because the uplifting force known as Chetana (consciousness) will not be active one. Because of the limitation imposed in common people’s living style, they will be more lethargic, idle, inert, in physical level and they will also be more prone to be reactive, rejective, condemning and hatred nature in mental level.

      When the people inculcate the process of Yoga in their living style, they will achieve the positive aspect of physical nature like commitment, dedication and enthusiasm as well as they will be more receptive, acquiring the methodology of concentration and creation at mental level. Advantage of being in present makes the people to be positive thinker and also not to look back the weaknesses existing in them in day to day life. In addition, the knowledge (Gyana) through other scriptures including Veda can provide a catalyst for quick transformation in mental condition.   


10. Conclusion

10.0 Which Yoga for whom?

      The image “Which Yoga for whom (Theme of Vivekananda)?” briefly describes the suggestion given by Swami Ji. Swami Vivekananda says that each sole is potentially divine. To manifest divinity, inner potential has to be explored; either adopting one or two or even all forms of Yoga to achieve the highest evolution. Others (Scripture, temple, religion) are secondary.  

      Swami Vivekananda visualized the complexity of evolution process as described in Veda, Upanishad and Manuscript. He has shown a very clear picture to evolve the inner potentiality of human beings. Swami Ji has mentioned that there are four types of Yoga namely (i) Yoga through action (Karma Yoga), (ii) Yoga through Devotion (Bhakti Yoga), (iii) Yoga through Psychic evolution (Raja Yoga) and (iv) Yoga through Knowledge (Gyana Yoga).  The hidden potential at different chakra (which is the distribution point for energy (Prana) and space (Mind or Mana)) is correlated with specific types of Yoga.

      Swami Ji has declared that “Every soul is potential divine”. To manifest the divinity, either one or two or three or all four types of Yoga could be processed. He has provided the clarification at many occasions to achieve worldly progress and also to achieve spiritual progress through different types of Yoga. It (yoga) mainly keeps us in present moment.      

                Demonstration on Yogasana and Pranayama shown in yoga day are 3rd and 4th parts of Astang yoga. 1st and 2nd part of Astang yoga namely do’s and don’ts or Yama and Niyama are built in every one of us while growing from childhood. First 4 steps or stages are called outer yoga (Bahirang yoga). Fifth stage is called Pratyahara (withdrawal scenario) which could be common for Antarang and Bahirang yoga. Inner yoga (Antarang yoga) consists of Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation) and Samadhi.     

      Now, we are ready to inculcate the yogic practices demonstrated in yoga day after knowing the brief about “what yoga does?” Reader may please provide the valuable comments and suggestions if any for the benefit of common people.


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