7. Spiritual Approach To Combat Influenza A(H1N1)

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Features of book-Book describes Spiritual approach as Alternate & onlt measure for remote area where medical institution is not available. It focuses on Preventive, & Curative measures & development of immune system with ought any side effect on human systems. Spiritual awareness bears no cost & is eco ? friendly, ever green & user’s friendly. It is a breakthrough system as the same is effective for any sub types of virus, likely to spring up in future because of bad environment impact.Spiritual Approach is effective to cure food ? borne disease too, for which World Health Organisation is struggling since long. Solid & liquid wastes are not a problem if spiritual skills are followed, but in medical approach, decontamination of equipment is essential before reuse,especially in case of danger sign & symptoms & Pandemic nature of Swine Flu. Spiritual methods can be used as additional measure to curb impact of Influenza A (H1N1) when spread & sustainability of virus are of Post- Pandemic & Post ?Peak nature. Book explains the importance of combined role of East & West to overcome any pandemic effect.

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