Utility of Soul to Achieve Vibrant personality and World Peace

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Most of us have wrong information that soul is used for evolution from worldly field to spiritual field.  It is true but it has to be understood that soul is very useful to achieve the vibrant society and also to maintain the world peace if understood properly. Soul is recognized by all the religions mainly Hindu, Christianity and Islam.

In Hinduism, soul is understood by Atman or Jivatma; Christianity recognizes the same as soul and Islam terms this as “Rooh”.   The article briefly describes that how soul is a helping hand to achieve dynamic and hassle free society in order to achieve vibrant world.

The Article entitled “UTILITY OF SOUL IN VIBRANT AND PEACEFUL SOCIETY” is published for your perusals and comments. The article consists of 7 images dealing with

i). Changeable cannot be a Substance (Soul) ii) Latent Power (Soul) exists in spinal cord  iii) Why evolved Soul is needed in a society?  iv) Who is our friend in materialistic life? v) How god becomes true friend to us?  vi) How application of realized soul (divinity) is needed in day to day life? vii) Technique to use soul and matter under consciousness (Chetana).  The image and its explanation describe the importance and utility of the soul in materialistic world. This article is a part of a book “Utility of Soul for development of Vibrant Society (An Innovative Yogic Approach)” published by smashwords.com. The link of the article is given below:




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