Most of us have wrong information that soul is used for evolution from worldly field to spiritual field.  It is true but it has to be understood that soul is very useful to achieve the vibrant society and also to maintain the world peace if understood properly. Soul is recognized by all the religions mainly Hindu, Christianity and Islam.  In Hinduism, soul is understood by Atman or Jivatma; Christianity recognizes the same as soul and Islam terms this as “Rooh”.   The article briefly describes that how soul is a helping hand to achieve dynamic and hassle free society in order to achieve vibrant world.

1.0 Concept of Soul in common man’s language

Veda and Bhagvad Gita reveal the clarity of the soul in order to understand whether the soul is a substance or not? The question is whether the soul is the substance or the subtle matter or the changing or fluttering mind? Scriptures reveals that whenever mind is pure and losing its existence after expanding as a mind stuff or Chitta (free from any Vritti or fluctuation); the same is transformed as soul. Normally, our minds are constantly changing because of which, it has limitation to expand as Chitta. Where is the substance within the mind? We cannot find the same.  This is because, we are now this and after some time we will become that. We can believe the soul as substance for a moment, provided if we can stop these changes.

If we analyse the concept laid down in most of the religions (except Buddhism), there will be more clarity. For instance, all religions except Buddhism believe and struggle to achieve the stability (infinite and eternality) in some way or other to reach this ideal. Buddhism denies the substance and is quite satisfied with that. It says that this business about God, the soul, immortality, and all that will not irritate us with such questions. But all the other religions of the world cling to this substance.  They all believe that the soul is the substance in man in spite of all the changes. This means that God is the substance which is in the universe. They all believe in the immortality of the soul.

The image “Changeable cannot be a substance (soul)” briefly describes that the question is: Are we the substance [the soul] or the subtle matter which is the changing, swelling or weak mind? Our minds are constantly changing from extrovert to introvert. Where is the substance within? We do not find it. This is because, I am now this and now that. Anyone will believe in the substance if for a moment if the change is stopped. Changeable is lower mind whereas unchangeable substance is the higher mind; which evolves after uniting subtle energy (prana) and subtle space (weak mind). The same (Bindu Visarga) is the place for soul.

Understanding the substance in a man and also in the universe helps a person to evolve and becomes realized in respect of creation of matter, nature and universe. The substance is either Atma in a man or Parmatma or God in the universe. Buddhism denies the substance and is quite satisfied with that. But all the other religions of the world cling to this substance. They all believe that the soul is the substance in man in spite of all the changes. Likewise, God is the substance which is in the universe. They all believe in the immortality of the soul. Christianity says there is a substance that will live forever.

These are speculations. Who is to decide the controversy between the Buddhists and the Christians? Christianity says there is a substance that will live forever. The Christian says, “My Bible says so.” The Buddhist says, “I do not believe in your book.” To resolve the controversy between Buddhism and other religious-concept, there is need to have the knowledge about the soul.

 1.1 How to understand the soul for its utility?

Individual Soul consists of Latent Power, which has to be explored. However, there are certain misnomers before exploration and the biggest one is fear of death. The society needs the religious activity especially to remove the fear of death and birth and also to achieve the other essential qualities to perform a happy living. Little of this Dharma (if positively established) saves one from the great fear of birth and death. In fact, the different religions are trying to remove the concept of duality (feeling of pain and pleasure), but the success is not obtain in spite of having all codes and conducts given by different religions.

Dualist, qualified-monist, monist, Shaiva, Vaisnava, Shâkta, even the Buddhist & the Jain and others exist as main sects. Whatever sects have arisen in India, they are all at one in this respect that infinite power is latent in this Jivatma (individualised soul). The image describes in brief that “how Jivatma emerges in human body and where the potentiality exists?”

The image “Latent power (soul) exists in the spinal cord” briefly describes that Jivatma comes along with inner instrument (Antahkarna) and energy (Prana) in the form of a drop (Bindu). These three elements are responsible for manifestation and evolution too. Among them, Jivatma holds the infinite latent power which resides in the heart and connected with the spinal cord leading to Bindu Visarga at the brain. During yogic practice, two action of nerve current (along the spine) guides the day to day functional aspects of a man.

The query like how to realize the soul for its utility can be examined with the help of Jivatma which is under bondage. When Jivatma (resides in heart cavity) is made free from the bondage of nature (Prakriti), the same explores tremendous potential or energy which were kept otherwise in the bound form. The exploration of hidden potential from Jivatma is like breaking the bondage of tremendous energy between proton and neutron with the help of external neutrons. In human being, the uplifted mind (especially above Anahata chakra) works like external neutron.  This (uplifted mind or mana) strikes the bondage of tremendous potential between Jivatma (neutron having zero charge) and bone cavity (proton having positive charge) by yielding human potential for utility in a positive way. When Jivatma is made free from this bondage, the same becomes soul (atman) and resides at Bindu Visarga (third ventricle) at top back of the head. This way the hidden potential of Jivatma or in turn soul is available for utility of human being especially, to achieve the divinity. The utility of soul can be established to obtain the healthy ego which has two components namely i) possessiveness and ii) sharing the possessiveness with others keeping tolerance, acceptance and appreciation in positive direction. The healthy ego will pave the way for achieving the vibrant society and dynamic world.

1.2 Necessity of Soul for enhancing the vibrant society and dynamic world

Common people have the understanding that the soul has to be known by spiritual masters not by ordinary people for day-to-day living. This is because; most of us have not understood the clear picture of soul in terms of its attributes, existence and its utility in day-to-day life as well as at the time of evolution. The scriptures including Veda provide all information’s related to soul, its function and also it’s utility in depth. Unfortunately, common mass have not paid the attention because of which the understanding of soul has become a difficult task.

Soul is referred in all the religions. For example, in Islam the soul is called “Rooh”. Likewise, in Christianity and Hinduism the same is called Soul and Atma respectively. This being a vital subject in all the religions, the same has to be understood thoroughly in respect of its utility in day-to-day life and also it’s utility in spiritual evolution.

Unless this subject is made easy for adoption of common people, the vibrant society and sustenance of world peace cannot be achieved in highly materialistic world. For example, history shows that most of the countries (especially India) got freedom whenever evolved soul like Shri Aurobindo, Mahatma Gandhi, Annie Besant (freedom fighters of the west) and others have strengthened the freedom movement. Till spiritually evolved people were absent, the freedom movement was struggling a lot.

This means that the evolved souls (whatever may be the degree of evolution) necessary for achieving higher task like freedom movement. Similarly, In order to achieve the sustainability in world peace, again certain evolved souls are necessary to maintain the peace. Evolved soul is essential to make the dynamic and committed people for building vibrant society. The analysis clearly indicates that subject like soul has to be understood by the common mass for building a happy and prosperous society in brief and dynamic world in general. For this, the analysis of mind (mana) is necessary at different strata.

1.3 How higher mind (Atman) becomes our friend even in materialistic life?

The mind (mana) is the part of “Akasha Tattva”. The same (mind) works as enemy for the soul or Jivatma when it remains under the grip of senses (Gyanindriya). This is because, senses (Gyanindriya) keeps the mind at lower level (in gross body). The same mind is helping hand for Jivatma to evolve from the grip of nature (Prakriti). At that time, the mind gets expanded in the domain of mind stuff (Chitta).

However, the mind is very tricky, treacherous and unreliable. But, it has also the great force and potentiality to pull us up. The vertical pull and potentiality of mind is experienced because the higher Atman is working inside us. The above scenario is achieved after purification of inner instrument (Antahkarna).  The purified mind is the higher Atman; the impure mind is the lower Atman. This indicates that purified mind or inner instrument helps to achieve the liberation of soul or Jivatma from the grip of nature (Prakriti). At the same time, impure inner instrument (Antahkarna) binds Jivatma to remain in the grip of nature or in Maya.


This clearly indicates that every one of us in the society needs the evolved mind (whatever degree of evolution of soul is achieved). This is because, evolved soul or Jivatma works as a true friend in day-to-day life where as not evolved soul or Jivatma works as an enemy even in materialistic world. In fact, our friend is self (evolved Jivatma or soul); nobody else is our friend. The higher being (Jivatma or soul), which is pulling us up is our friend. The lower being (Jivatma or soul), which will pull us down, is our enemy. So each one has to find out whether one is pulled up or down (this way or that way). When one is getting vertical pull up, the nearness of soul (atman) could be established.   

1.3.1 How soul (atman) will be our trust worthy friend?

The soul or Jivatma will be trust worthy friend when the same is evolved at higher level (mostly in causal body or in psychic tunnel). The same could be achieved with the help of Pranayama and meditation. Another way to achieve evolved soul or Jivatma is to perform services (Seva) to others without having selfish attitude and being Nishkam (without having any desire of the fruits). For this, every day we must do this (Seva) work. Let us not waste our time. When we have something to do other than Yogic practice or meditation, let us do the Seva. After service (Seva), let us keep our selves alone without talking to anyone. This kind of scenario will make us to digest the service (Seva) work and our inner nature or self will become friendly to us. In fact, the quarries like who are these friends? What kind of friends? Who is going to help us?  Exist.  The same could be answered when one achieves the friend like evolved Jivatma or soul.

The worldly friends will behave differently. Today they say one thing; tomorrow they will condemn us. By that way, today’s friend is tomorrow’s enemy. This is all no good. To get rid of worldly friend (unstable and changeable); let us try to develop our real friend which is nothing less than Jivatma or soul in materialistic world. In absence of evolved soul or Jivatma, we have to hang on worldly friends; which will be the hindrance for the development of self, society and country as a whole.

The image “How god becomes true friend to us” briefly describes that we are our own friend and also we are our own enemy based on the degree of evolved soul or Jivatma. This is because, we have come alone; we will go alone. This indicates that we have to be choosy while selecting the friends. Hence let us try to develop the real and trustworthy friend within us by uplifting Jivatma or soul at higher levels. This kind of explanation is also available in Gita when Lord Krishna tells Arjuna “Remember, I am your friend”. Further, Lord Krishna says that “I will come to you; trust in me and be at peace”. The assurance given by Lord Krishna to Arjuna reveals that whenever a Yogi attains the complete evaluation of soul from Bindu Visarga (third ventricle or at top back of the head) to Turiya (top of the head), the god (Parmatma) becomes the true friend to the Yogi. To become yogi, the divinity is the essential factor which has the place at third ventricle (Bindu Visarga). The certain number of society makers must establish themselves nearer to the third ventricle so that their action will be under the arena of righteous way (dharma). At this juncture, the atma is known as divine soul.

1.4 Prosperous societies need divine soul

Prosperous society keeps the balance between civilization and culture. Civilization consists of prosperity in environment, economic development and education in different fields; whereas, culture consists of heritage, arts, music and dance prevailing in the society since ages. Unless both (civilization & culture) are grown harmoniously, there will be disparity in various fields. Because of which, there is a chance of growth in the field of crime, poverty, uneducated mass and anti social elements. In that condition, it is difficult to achieve a prosperous society.

The image “How application of realized soul (divinity) is needed in day to day life?” briefly describes that whenever a society is having certain percentage of evolved souls, there will be prosperity in the society. In turn, the achievement of prosperous and vibrant society is because of the divine personality (grown due to self realisation) existing in the society. On the other hand, if the other extreme (least possible realized soul) existed, the prosperous society will not sustain longer.  This is because; prosperous society will not be guided by the injunctions of such divinely-inspired souls. In that scenario, world will not witness the fruit of the civilization. In turn, wisdom and prosperity will not be a sustainable one. That is why; in all the religion the emphasis is given to nurture the divinity so that evolved souls are protecting and guiding the civilization and cultural aspects of a prosperous and vibrant society. This clearly indicates that there is a wide application of soul in day-to-day life to achieve all round prosperity in materialistic world. In addition, there is a wide application of elevated soul in spiritual development.

1.5 How to make use of soul (atma) in worldly affairs?

The utility of Atma in materialistic world has two limbs namely i) Atma with Attributes and ii) World with attachment. The process of visualizing the world under Atma’s attributes which is pure, eternal and effulgent light will be the next process.

The presence of Atma should be visualized as infinite as sky. This means, visualization of pure effulgent light (photon) in the brain and bringing the world or associated matters in the steam of light should be the process of merging. The wise man should merge this visible world with Atma alone in an intelligent way and constantly think of the Atma as the stainless or pure sky. Here the intelligence needed is the power of discrimination. Merging the visible world with Atma is by visualizing the Atma in everything in the world that has Chetana and is seen by the eyes.

Once the technique of merging world with Atma and vice versa is understood, the utility of soul consciousness will be effective one and people will not work in dark (ignorance). There will be more clarity, confidence and creative approach in the materialistic world. Though, realization of soul is a complex subject but with true knowledge and contemplation, the same could be made easy.

Another way to utilize the effectiveness of atma in day to day life can be obtained through meditation. That is why; meditation is the best possible tool for obtaining vibrant society and peaceful world where the characteristic of Jivatma and Atma (Soul) can be made use as the background (Chetana).


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