Ram Rajya was ruled by Sri Rama but the actual foundation of the same was paved by Bhagvan Parashu Rama who is the sixth avatar (Incarnation) of Sanatan Dharma. He established Dharma (righteousness) which in turn, was the favorable condition for establishment of a popular kingdom, later on known as a Ram Rajya. The prevailing condition of Ram Rajya got lost due to many hidden factors. Present day there is dilemma whether Ram Raya could be re established? To understand the favorable conditions of Ram Rajya, the present day scenario have to be reviewed.

         The call of the world needs “Sustainable peace” in all rounds, especially in the scenario of “Networking” & “Trafficking”. These (Networking & Trafficking) are the parts of Energy & Space. This means that Energy & Space of individual, society, country & the world are to be well balanced to meet the smooth function of computed universe including worldwide human transactions.

               To achieve best possible result of Ram Rajya in Modern Era, the Axe & love (used by Bhagvan Parashu Ram) are the two means to establish dharma (Righteousness) among bad & good, cruel & peace lover, anti-social & social elements. This principle will patch the discrepancy among environment, economy, education & heritage prevailing in different parts of the world.

                The book discusses the subject like a) What is the scenario existing in Present Moment b) Basic Foundation of Ram Rajya by Bhagwan Parashu Rama c) What is Ram Rajya? d) The Structure of Original Ram Rajya e) Concept of Ram Rajya in independent India f) Vision of Mahatma Gandhi about Ram Rajya g) The basic elements of Ram Rajya h) Vibrant Individual and Vibrant Society i) The Fabrics of Healthy Society j) Present day Status k) Dream India 2022 needs Ram Rajya k) Modern Concept of Ram Rajya l) Least disparity in society encourages achieving Ram Rajya model m) Why to integrate Ram Rajya model with Yogic approach?

           The book also consists of i) Basic Foundation of Ram Rajya by Bhagvan Parashu Ram ii) Original Concept of Ram Rajya iii)Key Features of Ram Rajya iv) fabrics of Healthy Society v) What is the need of ram Rajya vi) Balanced Society vii) Improvement of Quotient against Corruption and unrighteousness images; which explain the contents in brief.

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