Utility of Soul for development of Vibrant Society

(An Innovative Yogic Approach)

    Most of us have wrong information that soul is used for evolution from worldly field to spiritual field.  It is true but it has to be understood that soul is very useful to achieve the vibrant society and also to maintain the world peace if understood properly. Soul is recognized by all the religions mainly Hindu, Christianity and Islam.  In Hinduism, soul is understood by Atman or Jivatma; Christianity recognizes the same as soul and Islam terms this as “Rooh”. The book briefly describes that how soul is a helping hand to achieve dynamic and hassle free society in order to achieve vibrant world.  

      It is observed that the subject like God (Parmatma), Soul (Atma) and Self being (Jivatma) is very prominent and the same is to be understood, (especially the soul) for achieving the vibrant society and dynamic world. This will help the educated mass and they will be in a position to work in the light of the knowledge without having blind faith in certain religion or cult. Analysis shows that the topic like “utility of soul (atma) to achieve the development of vibrant society and dynamic world” is relevant and the same has been attempted.

      Generally, a person gets good success in life when he or she is well educated. No doubt, there are many boons through higher, technical & specialized education and the people are able to get very good success in day to day activity. In this connection, certain banes are also associated with the specialized, technical and higher education especially in the field of science and technology. In addition, success through developing or developed soul can also be achieved much better way than simply by higher, technical and specialized education. This is because; understanding of soul and its development will provide a strong foundation for achieving inner transformation; which otherwise, simply higher education cannot provide.          

      The book consists of six chapters namely i) introduction ii) utility of soul in vibrant and peaceful society iii) soul and mind iv) soul and ego  v) understanding of soul from atma bodha and vi) success through soul. There are 35 prominent images describing the theme of the relevant subjects.  The features of subject like (a) Latent power (soul) exist in spinal cord (b) Why evolved soul is needed in a society? (c) Who is our real friend in materialistic life? d) How application of realized soul (divinity) is needed in day to day life? (e) Freedom of soul through meditation (f) Need of powerful mind to drive highest obstacles of life (g) how soul can be raised from greater entanglement to lesser entanglement? (h) The ideal condition for meditation (i) Three basic elements for human creation (j) Connectivity of breath, mind and psychic body (k) Basic Building Block for nuclear structure and Jivatma (l) Relation of soul with three bodies  (m) Jivatma in subtle body (n) Function of Panch Kosha and the soul  (o) Self Dedication (Balanced Ego and EQ) enhance the wisdom of sharing with others and (p) the creation prevents realizing the reality but also helps to discovers the absolute are elaborated in the book.

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