Women Power Needed For Vibrant Society and World

(A Scientific & Yogic Perspective)

    The book consists of nine chapters namely (i) Introduction (ii) Women in past (since civilization) and present (iii) Hurdles for women’s development (iv) Women’s disease and cure (v) Yoga   A solution for women’s disease (vi) Women’s immune system gets advantages through yoga (vii) transformational changes in managerial quality of women (viii) How yoga is scientific? and (ix) Rapid progress needed in women’s lifestyle. Each topic discusses eye catching subjects by providing 49 images. 

       Women (including young girls) occupy 50% of the population. Their growth in all respects is essential to obtain vibrant world. The world is defined as a cluster of healthy society. The analysis discovers that improvement of women’s psychology along with the development of philosophical nature of women will help them to equalize their status with men. If women start working in psycho domain along with soma domain of women hood, they will find the missing links in their growth. Firstly, they (women) should have understanding of physical and mental health and they should be aware of the measuring steps related to the same; otherwise, they are supposed to get specific diseases. 

      Whether women get any specific disease in comparison with men? Yes, because of their constituents (physical construction and mental development); which make them different compared to men. Having certain positive and negative aspects which are detrimental to their psycho and soma conditions, they are prone to have few different types of diseases compared to men.

      Yoga is a process of bringing body & mind together to have a posture to get movement or massage of joints, tissues, muscles & cells of the body. Immune system in women gets affected because of various reasons including effect of oxidative stress which reduces the level of anti oxidants and glutathione.

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