3. The Power and Limitation of Kriya Yoga (Paperback book) published by create space


Description –

In the age of internet, nothing can be kept secret; hence it is better to know its boons and banes fully while practicing the same (Kriya Yoga). Last few years, Kriya Yoga has become the hot cake in spiritual world as the aspirants have been given the exposure of its benefits only. The banes of Kriya Yoga (if not practiced correctly) have not been elaborated; hence the performer of Kriya yoga might get in trouble in due course. However, Yogada satsang provides all precautionary measures if the same (Kriya Yoga) is given by authentic masters. Because of curiosity and urgency to take up Kriya Yoga by the aspirants, there is probability to do some mistakes while practicing the same; even though, correct methodology has been given by the master.

This book is an eye opener to all the Sadhakas of Kriya Yoga. This provides the inbuilt corrective approach in the minds of Sadhaka, whether the method adopted in Kriya Yoga is fully correct or any mistakes is being carried out? This book also brings mile stone or yard stick to the seeker by cropping its results in terms of benefits. This book works like an alarming bell against its caution or warning provided in MN -70 of Yoga Chudamani Upanishad. To gain the maximum benefits of Kriya Yoga, the book is placed before the reader without having any likes and Dislikes against any cult or master of Kriya Yoga. The book consists of 35 images which describe the theme of each topic in brief for the better clarity of the reader. Importance of Kriya yoga for the scientists is the main attraction of the book.

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