The article entitled “Advantage of Meditation for Intellectual & Scientist” consisting many features of meditation which can be used by the intellectuals and scientists to have vibrant personality  in the professional life as well as to make an asset for reincarnation.

Advantage of Meditation for Intellectual & Scientist


Prof. A.N.Pandey

Director, Spiritual Awareness Program (SAP), Hyderabad, India

1.0 Introduction

Common People are aware of IQ (Intelligent Quotient) which normally provides the idea of an individual is intelligent capability. In present Era, the children are having high IQ because of family, and society development. Naturally, the IQ of scientific domain will have a larger or a space to get expanded; especially with the help of Virtually Reality and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Because of this, AI is widely used in technology but it has limitation when complexity is arising in the field of solving the problems.

          Scientifically intellectuals are that who’s IQ (Intelligent Quotient) is having good growth. Yoga categorizes intellectual from Antahkarna (Inner instrument) point of view. This has 3 components like Mana (mind); Buddhi (intellect); Ahamkara (Ego). Buddhi among the three is intellect of an individual. This way yoga states that the intellectuals are those who have fully grown Buddhi (Intellect). In yogic perspective, the domain of the intellect is left lobe (artificial intelligence). Generally, left lobe of common people has better growth compared to the right lobe (Seat of Cosmic intelligence). In brief, Right lobe is the domain for the cosmic intelligence and the left lobe is the domain for the Artificial intelligence. By the modern education, left lobe (seat of the Artificial intelligence) gets the growth to the maximum possible. The absence of the Vedic education deprives the growth of the right lobe (seat of cosmic intelligence). It seems that meditation is the best substitute for Vedic Education. Meditation brings the changes in the Right lobe’s processing. Since centuries, the scarcity of the cosmic intelligence (growth of the right lobe) is felt and many spiritual masters have given the procedures to equalize the Right lobe (cosmic intelligence). In this context, Lord Buddha gave “four fold concepts” of his teachings. 

1.1 Four noble paths of Buddha

According to Buddha, most of the thinkers, researcher goes up to 3 limbs of mental development. Based on this researcher provides the great emphasis on the i) existence of problem ii) reason of the problem & iii) remedy of the problems; but they don’t go to the fourth important domain of the brain where the root exists. This can provide the ever lasting solution of their problems. This way, Lord Buddha indicates the limitations of the Artificial intelligence where thinkers & researchers go up to the remedial aspects of the problem and also from reason of problems; but they don’t touch the root of the problem. This is because; they are fully developed in the left lobe domain up to the spinal cord existing above cervical zone. This zone (spine above cervical) divides the Right lobe (cosmic intelligence) and left lobe (artificial intelligence). But they (intellectuals of AI) don’t go in depth of the right lobe (seat of cosmic intelligence).  They (intelligence of AI domain) have minimum growth of the right lobe (the domain of the cosmic intelligence).

For instance, Karl Marx have written the volume of the theory consisting of the details of i) existence of poverty ii) reason for the poverty iii) remedy for the poverty; but still poverty has good grip on the society. This is because; they have not approached the root of the problem as they could not get the grip of the brain which is related to cosmic intelligence. This kind of scenario exists for all kind of social problems like crime, terrorism, education, disparity in social structure including poverty. The mankind has tried since civilization but still they could not reach the root of the problem as thinkers are bound by AI.

However, there is solution for each problem by evolving in cosmic intelligence zone. Meditation provides the solution to have adequate growth of the right lobe (cosmic intelligence) so that the thinkers and scientist may be able to reach the root of the problems for the sustainable solution of any kind of problems. In the brain, there is a zone which is normally left by most of the intellectuals as they do not have any practical approaches to dive inside the depth of brain. This is understood by Indian yogi and meditators keeping energy and space while contemplating in deeper zones of the brain.

1.2 Demarcation of AI and CI in Human brain

The image explains the line of demarcation in between Artificial intelligence and cosmic intelligence in the depth of the brain.

When right lobe and left lobe have equally grown, the possibility of experiencing cosmic intelligence (CI) emerges. CI is also called the spiritual domain where inner instrument (Antahkarna) gets transformed to new dimension. For instance, mind (manas) gets transformed to mind stuff (Chitta); intellect (buddhi) gets transformed to viveka (a special kind of intellect) and ego (ahamkara) gets completely dissolved by merging energy (prana) and space (mind) in the psychic domain. This kind of processing is obtained while practicing the meditation. The detailed description to evolve the cosmic intelligence is given in meditation chapter; where processes followed in meditation provides the clarity. 

2.0 Cloud Computing (CC), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR) are achievement from Modern Science

Human body consists of Ida, Pingala and Sushmuna path. The Yogic ingredients like mind, prana and Atma Shakti are functioning in respective paths. The individual lives in Jagrat (Awakened), Swapna (Dream), and Sushupti (Deep sleep) states. These points are having different energy (Prana) and space (Mind).

For instance, mind will be at agna (in case of Jagrat), at Vishuddhi (Indication of Dream) and at Anahata (During deep sleep) states; but energy (Prana) may remain lower chakra depending on the developed personality of individual. When technologist or intellectual concentrates at higher chakra the energy is brought up. At the time of concentration both energy and space reaches the respective chakra, the functional domain of certain application is evolved.  

2.1 Cloud Computing and its advantage

Cloud computing is the use of different web-based services like server management, software development and storage completely on the internet. Cloud Computing is assisted by virtual Relativity and Artificial Intelligence. Cloud Computing Services are accessed via the web and used over the internet. Cloud computing is related to web design, networking and minimizing the server cost, utilizing the technology in computer for large data processing and easy way to handle laptop and palmtop. The practice of concentration of energy and space at Bindu Visarga or top back of the head (the point of highest concentration of energy and space) helps the modern technologist to evolve the concept of cloud computing.

The Advantages of Cloud Computing are i) easy storage option; where one can control the choices as per the company demand and get it customized to their advantages, ii) Decisive advantage where the client can focus on work thereby streamlining it as the Cloud service manages the entire infrastructure, iii) Easy to manage with low maintenance capability and It cuts down the operational cost of business, iv) Effective and reliable Cloud-based applications can be accessed from  any web-based device. In this connection, hardware failures do not always result in data loss because of networked backups.

Application of Cloud Computing is widely used in processing of i) Database ii) Mobile iii) Network iv) Server v) Laptop vi) Smartphone  and vii) Tablet.

2.2 Artificial Intelligence and its use

In case of Artificial Intelligence, Energy (prana) and space (mind) define the processing of networking and trafficking respectively in the human brain. The modern technologists are able to keep their energy (prana) and space (mind) at agna chakra (the point between two eye brows) by means of concentration to evolve the Artificial intelligence domain. The Agna chakra attracts the highest quantum of energy (Networking) along with minds upliftment for trafficking at that point. Highly concentration explores at that point (Agna Chakra) a domain of Artificial intelligence. The utility of AI are widely known in the field of agriculture, education, construction work (civil, electrical, mechanical, etc), marketing and astronomy.

The Application of Artificial Intelligence is in the field of i) Astronomy; where Artificial Intelligence majorly helps the scientists and researchers in understanding the complete universe better ii) In Construction; where  AI has revolutionized the construction industry by reducing the risks of injury and death by critical calculations . The quality of work has also been enhanced by the application of AI. iii) In the field of Marketing; where there are two branches of AI namely Machine Learning and Predictive Analysis. These two branches have taken Marketing to the next level as companies are able to spend less time and less money for the same work. iv) In the field of Agriculture; where AI helps the farmers and producers in judge the climate as well as the soil. It helps in the production of better crops and better usage of agricultural supplements v) in the field of Education; where Application of AI in educational aid, in making more interactive videos, creating life-like models for better understanding of the students is just the beginning. The boons of AI are huge. The framework of AI is such that it has been able to replace human efforts in day to day life.

2.3 Virtual Reality and its application

Virtual Reality is used in field of games by using imagining the process. Imagining Capability of   the thinker gets proceeded in visual form with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Virtual Reality Immerses in different world parallel to the dream from their many new avenues could be invented. The advancement of Virtual Reality may yield to the New Reality. This means that Virtual Reality can provide the base for the invention for New Reality provided AI is transformed into CI. Technologist having success to keep energy and space at Vishuddhi (dream state of common people) can achieve the virtual reality. The utility of virtual reality (VR) covers the field of games, film, space training and also in amusing park. The imagination and visualization of human ability is explored maximum; which perhaps, in future may give the new dimensions to the science and technology. In the field of Medical Science, VR can be used for the processing of 5 systems and their Related Organs of the Human body; so that surgeon can get good success in surgery. This also helps their disabled people to live the easy life.    

There could be many application in VR notable are i) in the field of Gaming, where the person gets to ‘live’ the game world with excitement. The involvement in excitement zone could reveal the expansion domain of imagination and visualization. ii) In the field of movie, Application of VR might show the different dimensions of pictures in future. iii) VR presently visiting the space in the domain of scientist and technologist. VR may provide the probability of visiting space by utilizing the power of imagination and visualization. Common people may get the thrill and experience of visiting space. iv) VR can be used in visiting places. For example, many apps like Google maps are pointing the virtual reality of the visiting places and the same becomes the helping hand like guide for the tourist. v) Pilots can use VR as a kit for flight simulators to learn to fly. In brief, VR can be a driving force for the technology.

3.0 What meditation can do in the field of modern technology?

Meditation is the 7th fold of Astang yoga given by Patanjali. It is also called “Antarang Yoga” (inner  yoga) .The limbs of Antarang yoga are i) Pratyahara (withdrawal of mind from senses) ii) Dharna (concentration) iii) Dhyana (contemplation) and iv)Samadhi (stability at supreme abode). These are the steps in meditation. Meditation is complete & wholesome science related to Human brain and creation of universe. Yogi has evolved this (meditation) science based on Veda, Upanishad, Gita and Hanuman Chalisa.

Meditation uplifts the normal Awakened (Jagrat), Dream (Swapna) and Deep sleep (Sushupti) states from lower chakra to higher chakra (Centre) in the domain of the brain. In the brain, at point number one (bindu Visarga or third ventricle); this is the point of complete consciousness resembling to awakening (Jagrat) state of meditative man. Similarly, in the brain at point number two (upper agna or point between two eye brows) which resembles with dream (Swapna) state of meditative man. Likewise, in the brain at point number three (junction of pituitary, pineal and hypothalamus region or lower agna); which resembles with deep sleep (Sushupti) state of meditative mind. This way, meditation provides the transformational approach of three states (Jagrat, Swapna, and Sushupti) of normal man.

It lifts up the Artificial intelligence domain to cosmic intelligence zone where energy and space works at higher points of brain (these points are lower agna, upper agna and Bindu Visarga). When energy (prana) and space (mind) are stabilizing at these points, a transformational shift occurs. This shift (from artificial intelligence to cosmic intelligence) including associated developed domain like cloud computing and virtual reality are shifted in spiritual domain of the human brain.

3.1   How Meditation can be used in technology form?

Meditation is carried at different domains of the glands namely pineal, pituitary, hypothalamus, thalamus and corpus callosum of the brain. This provides wider range of perception, experiences, feeling and awareness of the existence of unknown scenario or objects which cannot be measured by even highest precision scientific instruments like electron microscope and telescope.

The experience and awareness of meditation cannot be perceived by 5 senses (ear, nose, tongue, eyes, and skin) but unknown can be perceived face to face in the intuitive zone of meditation. Though, one cannot equate the achievement of mediation with the scientific achievement of widely used technology but the complexity related to modern technology and paradigm of science can be resolved with the help of mediation.

However, yogi can describe the technological achievement of mediation in similar way as modern science has yielded. In this connection, yogi can provide i) spiritual computing in the place of cloud computing. Likewise, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) of science can be widened by Cosmic intelligence (CI) obtained in meditation. Similarly, virtual reality can also be explored to “new reality” or “real reality” with the help of meditation. All the three namely spirit computing, CI and New Reality or Real Reality solve the “paradigm of science”; which the science is struggling to resolve.

Spirit computing can bring the new scenario in the field of information and technology. The processing of DNA of human can get connectivity with the processing of DNA in cosmos; when the firewall between human brain and cosmos is resolved. The neurons of the brain play a greater role for resolving the firewall problem with the help of meditation. When the connectivity between human brain and cosmos is established; the unknown information of the cosmos can be understood by diving in the “Intuitive zone” of the human system. This will lead to the new scenario of spirit computing.    

3.2   How meditation is helpful?

Spiritual computing helps to solve the paradigm of “non locality” of modern science. The spirit developed in meditation is the same as existing spirit of the absolute (GOD). This (spirit) is made handy and can be used in the field of i) Net working or using energy for any new creation and ii) trafficking (providing space for energy used in creation).This (spirit computing) can be helpful for evolving power (energy) and knowledge (space) of unknown. The scientist and intellectual can make use of this skill for new kind of discovery. For instance, New Reality is useful for enlarging the imagining and visualizing capability of an individual and makes the individual to solve the complexity of the problem with the new dimensions of clarity. New Reality covers the wide spectrum of the universe to get the unknown field which might not be known so far.

Cosmic Intelligence is new kind of special intelligence, where wholesome or complete knowledge of the object, place and situation is revealed without having any complexity. It provides a clear cut scenario as on the mental screen as film shows the clear picture on the screen in the cinema hall. Cosmic Intelligence creates a zone of “Intuition” which is obtained with the help of maximizing & uplifting the power or energy and knowledge or space of an individual at a point; which is the source of Viveka (special kind of intelligent). This special kind of Intelligence is defined in “Ramayan”. It (Ramayana) narrates a verse which is as follows:-

“Bin Satsang Viveka na hoyee, Ram Kripa bin milali na soyee”. – Ramayan

The verse means that viveka is obtained with the help of satsang, the company of learned, wise and spiritual persons as well as when grace of Almighty (Rama) is available. This is the point which is also called the point of Third eye. “Spiritual computing” point or domain is defined in Gita, the domain of “Sthiti Pragya”. At this juncture, an individual will be able to discover or investigate many unknown aspects of creation; which in turn, will be very productive and useful for the human being to attain power and prosperity.

The analysis shows that how scientist can make use of Meditation. Usually, Scientist frames a hypothesis and then work upon the data available around. Scientist also concentrates on the framed hypothesis and investigates the functional aspects of them. The hypothesis is turned in a scientific law with the help of mathematical base and experimental data. In all the above processes, they can make use of the skills evolved in the meditation. This clearly indicates how cosmic intelligence, new reality and spirit computing can be used in scientific way for exploration of the universe to establish new scientific laws.

4.0   The miracle of Meditation

It seems that inventor of iPhone, Mr. Steve Jobs came of the complexity of circuit design after he learnt meditation at Kaichi Dham in 1994 and later he also learnt Zen Meditation. During the iPhone development period, he could have reached the “Intuitive” zone of spiritual domain.

After solving the complexity related to iPhone, He was appointed as “Interim Chief Executive of Apple in Sep 1997”. Apple could launch iPhone in 2007 with better features than a smart phone; which was invented by IBM more than ten years ago of Apple’s launching. The iPhone had become the “Palm Top” in the modern period. Mr. Steve Jobs died in 2011 due to pancreatic cancer; but during his illness he was not mentally disturbed because of his spiritual background. It seems that Mr. Steve Job came out of his illness without receiving Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy because of his strong mind power; which he could have achieved during the meditation. Normally, cancerous operation needs the Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy. The story of Mr. Steve Jobs reveals the miraculous effects of meditation in developing his carrier and sustaining the impact of illness.

4.1 Meditation is an asset to the retired intellectuals for vibrant reincarnation

Retired intellectuals are spending time with i) Family ii) Friends & Relations and iii) Self improvements. In 21st Century, time is not the burden for retired Intellectuals. This is because, they have plenty of means to get engaged; hence they shrink the dimension of action with family, with likeminded friends, but not with relatives. The development of “Self” is negated as they do not get time for that. The importance of self development is not at all the prime factors for most of the retired intellectuals. As per scripture, the retired life is supposed to have “Vanprashtha Ashrama” and further to adopt the sanyasa ashrama. But due to modern scientific development and occupation, it is not possible to learn the life of Vanprashtha and Sanyasa. Modern thinking does not endorse the AIW (Ancient Indian Wisdom) concept.

Here, a query arises. “What happens when we don’t follow the AIW (Ancient Indian Wisdom) concept?” Nothing visibly noticed even without Vanprashtha and sanyasa. The absence of Vanprashtha and sanyasa makes retired intellectual to spend their time and mind in unproductive ways, namely by playing with whatsapp, video games, seeing pictures and TV (television). There is a hidden fact which reveals the importance of AIW (Ancient Indian Wisdom) concept. What is that? Yoga and Bhagvad Gita reveal that facts which are very essential and important for every retired intellectual.

Another query arises that “what way unproductive time and mind could be reverted?” It is well known fact that whatever way we act and behave today, we will get the fruits (Result of action) by tomorrow. The nonbeliever of rebirth concept can also get benefited by the facts revealed in Bhagvad Gita. Scripture reveals that at the time of passing away or at the time of death, five maha Bhoota (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether) constituents of physical body will be burnt as soil. The prana (Energy) will leave the body. Then, only left over will be “mind” and objects of five Gyana Indriya (Senses); which are Tan Mantra. They are Shabda (Sound), Sparsha (Touch), Roopa (Sight), Rasa (Taste) and Gandha (Smell). The combination of these two will be the assets (Positive or Balanced) for individual’s input data for rebirth. These data are fed automatically in cosmic mega computer; existing in the universe, known as cosmic domain (Daivik Loka).

Cosmic law processes the data by framing the condition for a rebirth. If asset (Level of mind and objects of senses) is positive then, rebirth will be in higher species. This means that Individual will be rich in asset (input for rebirth). Those who are non believer of rebirth, they will have the concept that a supreme power will come at the end of world existence. The supreme power will provide the judgment for each individual for next creation. But the judgment of supreme power (Allah or Jesus) will be in search of the final assets available with individual. This indicates that we must be rich in our assets for better tomorrow.

The doubt arises “How to attain the same?” There could be many religious methods, but yoga (Especially meditation) provides very authentic approach which could be verified in present life. Meditation is supposed to be an effective and easy approach to build the assets. There are many proven method of meditation available in India and in the World. They are i) Omkara Meditation ii) SKY (Simplified Kundalini Yoga) iii) Vipassana iv) Yogda v) TM (Transcendental Meditation) vi) Nath-Panth Meditation vii) Nuclei Meditation (Bindu Dhyana). Retired intellectual can choose any one and get blessed with the advantages of meditation.

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