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 PURPOSE OF KRIYA YOGA    Kriya yoga bestows tremendous power to the followers. It provides the power for improving the digestive system. It also cures all kinds of chronic diseases including tuberculosis, leprosy, fistula, indigestion, tumor and cancer. In addition, it takes human mind in the dimension of subconscious and unconscious domains by unveiling the […]

“My Story”

My story consisting Health & Fitness, My Interest, My Family, Childhood Memories, Fitness Mantra, Secret to Happiness, Wish list and My Message is published by The story reveals that A 70+ Scientist Promoting Yogic Practices for the Betterment of the Society. A 70+ SCIENTIST PROMOTING YOGIC PRACTICES FOR THE BETTERMENT OF THE SOCIETY   […]


NEED OF RAM RAJYA TO FULFILL THE VISION “DREAM INDIA 2022” by A.N. Pandey, Director, Spiritual Awareness Program (SAP), Hyderabad (India) Web: Keywords: Ram Rajya, Gandhiji’s vision, Society, Yogic approach, Vibrant, Disparity Abstract       The article deals with what is Ram Rajya? The visions of Mahatma Gandhi about Ram Rajya and Dream India 2022 […]

Journey of Soul from Human existence to the Absolute (Parmatma)

Journey of Soul from Human existence to the Absolute (Parmatma) by    A.N.Pandey, Director, Spiritual Awareness Program (SAP), Hyderabad, India       People understand that soul exists in human system and the same has to be understood. Because of ignorance, the concept of the soul remains unclear. An attempt is made to analyze the questions […]

Science speaks on Spirituality related to Nature, Quantum Reduction and Consciousness

This article describes the scientific aspects of nature (where law of physics holds good), quantum reduction and consciousness in science. They are parallel or similar with nature (Prakriti or God in creation), quantum reduction (Shiva tattva or intelligent aspects of protein polymer) and consciousness (God beyond creation) in spirituality. The explanation is based on the […]

Science speaks on Spirituality

      Scientists are trying to find the “truth” by means of quantum theory functioning externally; whereas spiritual masters are getting the “truth” internally with the help of yogic and other practices especially, by meditation. If we look the discovery of scientists, we find many parallel approaches or similarity with the approach and concept adopted by […]